gddr3 vs. ddr3?

what's the difference? I'm thinking about getting a 7900 GT, prolly from BFG. They apparently come in both GDDR3 and DDR3 models. The GDDR3 is selling for $25 more at Newegg than the DDR3 model at zip zoom fly (which has both DDR3 and GDDR3 models) Is it a negligable difference? I think DDR3 runs at lower volts and would be cooler, but is it slower? Thanks for clearing this up.

Please don't post criticizing my choice of graphics card to buy (i.e. AIT vs. Nvidia, 7900 GTX vs GT)
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  1. yeah its all of about the power consumption each uses. The G only means "graphics" (kinda throws us off i know). So the only difference between gddr2 and gddr3 is the power each uses. ddr3 uses less power than ddr2
  2. GDDR3 is for graphics cards whilst DDR3 is the follow up to DDR2. Some sites sometimes use list it as DDR3 when it should be GDDR3.
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