sound config + new rig...prospects?

I am planning on getting a new rig:

- Gigabyte GA-8I945G Pro (Intel 945G)

- ATI Radeon X800 XL All-In-Wonder (PCI-E)

- Hyundai L90D+ 19" LCD

- Intel Pentium D 805

- Seagate 120 GB (SATA II)

- 1 GB Dual Channel DDR2 memory - PC5200

- Creative Inspire T6060 (5.1)

- Zalman CNPS9500 (CPU cooler)

1> Now im wondering whether the on-board sound of the motherboard is good enough for the creative 5.1 speakers i plan on getting (and vice versa as well).

Im on a budget btw..

2> The LCD monitor of choice, gud enough for games n movies?

3> Wil lthe graphics card be able to play the latest games without choppy play (if i OC it alongwith the processor).
OR if i go with onboard graphics, will it slow down the system (im talkin normal windows..not games)

Any advice regarding the rig is appreciated!
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  1. You're getting quite a decent speakers, On-board sound is OK but sometimes you might get background noises by just moving the mouse. If you're on a budget, i suggest you should get at least an Audigy 2 Value or the XFi xtreme music. Trust me, it'll sound better than your onboard sound.

    As for LCD, it will work ok for most games as it has quite a fast response time. You should read reviews like this before purchasing.

    As for your gfx, the X800 XL AiW doesn't really support SM 3.0. so unless if you dun mind sacrificing image quality, get at least a X1 series. X1800 XL AiW is not bad. or you could just get a 7900gt and another separate TV tuner. heh! 7900gt are highly overclockable.

    Other than that, you'll have a highly overclockable PC

    Dell Dimension 8400
    Pentium 4 3.4GHz 2M
    925XE motherboard
    1GB DDR2 RAM 533MHz
    36GB WD Raptor
    160GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9
    X850XT PE 575MHz/630MHz
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2
  2. I know what it's like to be on a budget. ...but as the above post reads, you're opening up to some dissapointments with onboard sound. An SB Audigy SE will give you good sound for a long time ( )

    or you could go with a venerable SB Live! 24Bit and still beat that onboard sound

    ( )

    Remember, your soundcard is your preamp+DAC and while speakers are the most important part of the mix your soundcard is important too, it may be worth the cost of a few movies with your favorite lady (though she may not agree). :D
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