9800 Pro - Help!!!!

Hey guys my 9800 PRO 128mb vid card has treated me well since the day it came out and i bought it. I can run all games at decent settings along with my 3200+ .

My problems start at HL2. It played perfectly at high settings. CS:S works perfectly. I buy DoD:S and it also runs perfectly. Now where the problems starts..either AFTER a DoD update or a Catalyst update...I start seeing white snow like EVERYWHERE..and sometimes it would be red snow (hundreds of random white or red dots everywhere).

Now i play Doom 3 without a problem, same with Quake 4..and now i download Prey and its fine and then every on and off the bloody red snowdots start popping up. What is my problem? Graphics card? Drivers?

Another problem ive had was Need for Speed: Most wanted played like a charm and either with a patch to it or Catalyst drivers but all my shadows are big squares and it looks god awful.

IF anyone knows the problem or has similar problems please help me out.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I had probs with mine when I installed the 6.5 drivers. Went back to 6.1 and have been much happyer.
  2. Original drivers always worked the best for me when I had the 9800pro.

    I still have that disk, if you would like, just pay for the stamp to ship the disk to you. K
  3. http://www.omegadrivers.net/

    Give the Omega drivers ago, get the ones based 0n 6.3.
  4. my direct x file when corrupt and i could only run opengl files. dunno if it mioght have something to do with that.
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