Windows 7 Reinstall

I getting ready to upgrade my mobo and cpu and am
currently running the Windows 7 Pro Upgrade that I installed over
Windows XP.

I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 after
replacing the mobo and cpu. Can you just boot from
the Windows 7 upgrade disk or do you have to
reinstall Windows XP first?

If you can boot from the Windows 7 upgrade disk
do you just update the current Windows 7 install
or do a custom installation and wipe out the previous Windows 7

I've already backed up all my files on an external hard drive.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Legally speaking, if the OS was an OEM version, then it stays with the original MB and CPU. You need a new copy.

    However, you should be able to just start from the Win 7 disc and only need the XP discc when prompted. Remember that MS is more picky about Win 7 and you'll probably have to jump thru hoops to revalidate the install
  2. No you can just install a fresh copy with your new set up I have done it a million times you might have to call the automated activation service but maybe not if so just say you have installed your copy on one machine.
  3. This was a Windows 7 upgrade that I installed over Windows XP.
    (Both are legitimate.)
    I want to change my mobo and cpu but will need to do a
    fresh install of Windows 7.

    Can you just boot from the Windows 7 upgrade?
    If so, do you just do the upgrade installation or
    do you have to do the "custom" install where you
    wipe out the previous Windows 7 upgrade install?
  4. Ah took me a while to understand what you were talking about. So you are changing the motherboard and cpu, but keeping the other components.

    You can try repair first, that should install the necessary drivers.

    If that doesn't work you will have to do a custom install.
  5. Should I delete all the old drivers first to get rid of the old
    mobo drivers and let the Windows 7 repair install replace
    all the drivers with the latest driver releases?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    You can definitely boot from a windows 7 upgrade disc and do a clean install. As long as you have an existing operating system on your hard drive you will be fine.

    Windows 7 upgrade will not prompt you for any xp disc. It will look for an existing OS on the hard drive though.

    Don't worry about deleting any old drivers because if you plan on doing a clean install (which I recommend) it will wipe your drive of all old software and drivers basically giving you a fresh start.

    So back up all information you want to transfer over. Install your hardware, and then start with installing windows 7.

    - Boot from disc
    - Install OS
    - Enter product key
    - Install drivers/updates
    - Load back up backup material
  7. Hi,

    Check the following steps to reinstall windows 7:

    STEP 1- Hardware Requirements
    Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 7 such as, 1 GHZ processor, 1 GB of

    memory, 15 GB+ or hand drive space and DVD R\W drive.

    STEP 2- Data Backup
    Insert CD or an external hard drive into CD drive and perform back up of your data for further use.

    STEP 3- Insert Windows 7 CD
    Insert Windows CD into your CD drive and click on the option “Install Windows 7”.It offers you with two options. One

    of the options is “upgrade” and the other one is “Fresh installation”. Click on “Fresh installation”.

    STEP 4- Accept Terms and Conditions
    After clicking on “Fresh installation” it prompts you accept all license terms. Read carefully all license terms and

    conditions and click on “I accept”.

    STEP 5- Installation partition
    Choose the installation partition to install Windows 7 O.S. It prompts you to select the particular partition, such

    as C drive to install you Windows 7 operating setup.

    By following the above specified instructions, you will able to reinstall Windows 7 operating system efficiently in

    your system. If you still find yourself uncomfortable in any technical perspective then, I suggest you to go for

    professional technical assurance from certified organizations. Such organizations are dedicated to provide you

    quality technical support for all kind of complex issues, such as Windows registry and repair issues.
  8. Hello,
    Thanks for all the advice and answers!

    What I am asking is:
    Can I just delete the current drivers,
    boot from the Windows 7 disk, and then click "Repair" after installing a new mobo and
    CPU. I trying to avoid reinstalling all my programs.

  9. Thanks for all the answers!
    I ended up just doing a clean install.
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