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Hi guys,

I am a computer savvy guy and have been using desktop computer for last 6 years. I love programming and games. For a while I was away so I was using a laptop system.

Now I am interested in buying a new desktop pc. I want a fast PC capable to running modern day applications quickly and high end games as well.

I needed some advice regarding a few things -

Which is an Ideal processor to buy? I am interested in Intel processors. So can you advice me a processor which isnt too expensive either but is pretty good and is supported by Windows XP Professional.

I was thinking of Pentium 4 HT Extreme Edition. or something??

Do you recommend dual core processors or is single processor okay for day to day applications and games. ?
Moreover are dual core or latest processors supported by windows xp.

I am sorry as i have a lot of questions but would be glad if anyone can help me out.

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  1. unless you're willing to wait until intels conroe comes out, AMD is the best solution right now.

    The AMD64 3700+ is a steal.
  2. i agree with Arrowhead

    wait until conroe comes out and see how it performs against amd, other wise i'd say going with amd is ur best bet for games. as for dual or single get the dual core since programers are starting to write more and more programs for dual core and i think their even making games for dual core now too.

    if u can wait till conroe then wait and see is the AM2 reverse hyper threading thing turns out to be true
  3. So if you like Intel, and can't wait for Conroe, then get a dual core 900 series. They are cheap, have 2 meg L2 caches (per core) and are built on the 65 nm process so they run a bit cooler than the older parts.

    I certainly wouldn't recommend the Extreme Edition to anyone unless they wanted to throw their money away! Just isn't worth anywhere near the $$$ they want for those things.

    And sure, XP supports dualcore CPU's...
  4. just out of curiosity
    whats your buget?
    how long do you need it to last , and like stated above
    can you wait?
  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for your responses.

    I know AMD sounds right at the moment but I have always used Intel and I am kinda apprehensive to use AMD at the moment.

    As i mentioned I need a PC for programming and gaming. I cant wait and moreover since i dont live in the US i think it may take a while for intel conroe to come here.

    My budget maybe around $200 - $300.

    Among Intel Pentium D Processor or Intel Pentium 4 with HT. I think the former one is better.

    any ideas or should i go for Intel Pentium D 930/940.

    Regarding Ram is 1 GB ok or should i go for more.

  6. if 200 to 300 covers just the cpu and your not into over clocking
    stay with the D940
  7. 2 gig defiantely. and as said before, the 940 is your best bet.
  8. go for 2 gigs for sure
  9. Thanks guys. One gig is costing around $100. Will 1 gig do. not sure if i should spend more on it.
  10. if u planing on getting the new windows then 2 gigs is minimum if u want to run it and games
  11. 2 gig is quickly becoming the minimum for games, and I exppect it to be more so when dx 10 becomes the norm.
  12. 1 gig isnt that bad
    there isnt alot of difference between 1gb and 2gb ram
    i would rather spend the money on the cpu and get more ram when vista comes out as it will be cheaper then probly.
    as for the cpu i would definetly get an amd dual core if u cant wait for core2duo.
    all pentiums are ovens and arent good for games.
    watever u do wait around a month for the prices to drop.
  13. Actually, if you want to save money by getting 1 gig of ram rather than 2, spend that money on getting a better video card not proc. Video card and ram are arguably the most important parts in a gaming rig right now. A top of the line vid card and 2 gig with a 3200+ will play any new games at high settings and high resolution.

    Also in argument of 2 gig, 2x1 gig sticks is generaly going to be better than 4x512 sticks down the road. Plus if you want to upgrade to 4 gigs later, vista will actually be able to see it all!
  14. yes graphics card is much more important for games but i said cpu coz this is the cpu section and he asked about cpu's
    and he may already hav a good enough gpu
  15. Yea, and I recommended a processor to him. Now I am recommending not to put more money into the processor when it would be better spent on ram or a video card. Just because it is the cpu section doesn't mean we should tell him to put all his money into the cpu.

    Plus, he is building a new computer not upgrading. I take this to mean he is getting everything, including vid card. Now maybe I am wrong, but unless he specifies otherwise that is what a new build is to me.
  16. Good Sir,

    If you are inclined to buy Intel you will get good value in the Pentium D's, especially when the price drops take effect in a month or 2. You can get a great deal if you are good a overclocking and buy a Pentium D 805.

    Good value is also found in the AMD Market as well. You can feel confident as their products are excellent. Athlon 64 3500 is a good price point for single core. and 3800's are decent in Dual core. Both are easily overclocked.
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