WTS: Crap that nobody bought!

Since I've sold everything of value and everything else nobody wants, someone please close this thread. Thanks for checking this out to those who replied.
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  2. Sorry Bluntman that its not selling here. You have it posted on Ebay?

    Also, couldnt hurt to turn it into a 2nd machine if you dont already have one.
  3. Well thanks Comptia for the heads up. :) I think I'll have my buddy that has an eBay account post that up for me when he gets back from the holidays form Iowa. I'm just trying to get rid of it to make way for better parts, since I really don't have much use for two machines at this point. If anyone wants to take a bite I'll cut ya a really good deal! :mrgreen:
  4. $170 with the memory isnt a bad deal at all, though i havent looked up to see if the computer is a 939 or 754 yet.

    This is always my problem when I upgrade to a completly new system... what to do with my other one!?! :ghah:
  5. AND it comes with 100GB of storage, too. And yeah, I'm wondering WTF to do with what I have. I know for sure what I can do with the money though... :mrgreen:
  6. Heck, you buy bluntman's bundle, and I will toss in a 2nd hard drive (~120gb... perfect working order as tested by Professional software)

    I thnk... I will have to retest it lol. but its ATA 100 WD drive.
  7. how much could i have one of the hard drives? sata?

    also that 6600gt, if i get some christmas money., i would buy thoose..but for not too much.
  8. Thanks for the contibution Comptia! But really which one do you want? I have a 60GB since the 40GB was sold to my roomie. It's a Maxtor DiamondMax 9, ATA/133, 7200 RPM with 2MB cache. $20 for the unit, including shipping of course. Unless you were reffering to Comptia rep's drive, and then of course you gotta talk to him.

    Oh yeah, and Killz86 already has dibbs on the video card...

    ...unless you think it's worth $100 shipped. (I doubt it :roll:)

    On a side note the 1GB of RAM has been sold to Killz too. Thanks buddy!
  9. waitso your selling the cpu/ and motherboard with the soudn card for 80 bucks?
  10. Yeah. You interested or know someone who might be?
  11. well, no..i would be interested, if you told me the specs, such as speed, socket, so i can see if i can get it cheaper elsewhere.


  12. If you were interested, you would bother to do a 2 minute google.

    But for those who might be:

  13. The specs are above. The 2700+ goes for $50-70 used (I paid $110 new for it in August), and the board is $45 on Newegg. The Sound Blaster can be had for roughly $40. So you get a marginal discount...
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