A couple of questions about the A8n Sli Premium

I just recently got the Asus A8n SLI premium and I have a couple of questions I was wondering if anyone could anwser:

1. When useing the Ntune Utility...the instructions that came with the motherboard say that there is an option in the Ntune Utility that saids I can adjust the CPU and System fan...but in the actual program there is not that option. I don't even have the Icon that the instructions show. Does anyone else know about this?

2. Is there a way to make the AI announcer when the motherboard POSTS to go through the PC speaker instead of the Real Tek audio?
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  1. 1) Double-check to ensure you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard, as well as the latest version of nTune from nVidia.

    2) No, unfortunately that is always routed through the on-board audio.

  2. I just downloaded the latest version and it is really nice. The only problem is I still can't change my fan speeds. The menu shows up for it but I tried direct controll and it won't let me even adjust the CPU fan. Here's the thing....I have my Hard drive fan pluged into the CHA_1 in the motherboard and I would like to bring down the RPMS so it won't be as loud. Is there a way to make the Nforce 5.0 do that?

    Also...I still have the old version of Ntune installed also. It seems that the old version of NTune 2.0 is intergrated in the drivers(in which I have the latest nvidia non-beta). Is there any way to uninstall it since it doesn't give the option in Add/Remove programs in Windows?
  3. Did you try modifying the installation of the driver package itself? I believe (and I could be wrong here) that nTune is a modifiable component of the driver package.

    Also, did you check your BIOS revision? Sometimes those features are not enabled in earlier BIOS revisions. Looks like 1009, released on 11/04/05, is the latest version for your board. Downloads are available for your board here. Let me know how it goes.

  4. I have the latest non beta motherboard bios. I tried the uninstall package of the Nvidia drivers which gives you choice of what to install but it doesn't give me the option to uninstall the Ntune. I guess it's no big deal though because I am going to re-do my windows when my copy of XP comes in through the mail and I'll just see if there is an option to not to install the Ntune in driver package when install the Nforce drivers.

    The main thing is I'd really like to control the system fan through the somekind of software.... I PC probe software and lowered the fan threshold down to 800 rpms but the fan didn't change. I guess in the end I am just going to but a fan controller anyways, but it would of been neat to do it through the software.

    You haven't heard of any Hardware mods to this motherboard to re-route the AI speaker through the speaker modem, have you?
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