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Ok so I've got an x1900xt, ive come to terms with the fact that ATI's drivers aren't the best, but this slow ass minimizing is getting on my nerves. Whenever I have a program maximized and I alt+tab out of it, it takes a couple seconds to minmize to desktop. Also when maximizing it does the same thing. For example, when i minimize source it takes about 4-5 seconds and then maximizing can take upto 10 seconds. Is this normal? I'm running a 64x2 4200+ with 2 gigs of ram, if you need more details let me know.
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  1. By programs do mean games? Maybe those programs do that while Tab+tab-ing.
  2. lol, you came out your shell big time, I don't remember you being so pissed. :lol:
  3. Well mostly i asked if it was normal, being that im the only person i know with this problem and people who run geforce cards dont have the delay running the same programs(yes games) on the same settings. Apparently i stepped on your toes by saying their drivers arent the best, i wasnt aware it was pwn the miseducated guy day, a simple explanation stating that i was infact wrong would of sufficed. Regardless, no one answered my question, is this normal?
  4. I have an x1900xtx,2 gigs ram and an x2 probs here alt+tabing outta games..the ati drivers have always worked for me with no probs to date..its probably just the game...
  5. Specifically im talking about Source (CS, DoD, and HL:Dmatch all do the same), Warcraft 3, older games such as Diablo 2 and Starcraft I have installed to see if it was the newer programs requiring more resources, but they all do it. Im running dual monitors(possibly this is it?) both 19" LCDs with 4ms refresh. As far as background programs, normally just AIM, possibly a browser page open and possibly ventrillo.

    I posted under graphics cards cause i figured since it was graphics related, because it takes five seconds to draw my desktop and another 5 to go back to the program, that i should put it here.
  6. That isnt a driver issue or even a vid card issue, sound more to me like a memory issue, poor/slow memory timings etc... i dunno exactly... you say you got 2gigs of ram... usually that is plenty so maybe one of the sticks is bad or something, also you have to take into account resolution... if your desktop resolution is a far cry from your in-game resolution you will have this problem as well, maybe not as bad as what your saying yours is but nonetheless the same problem will arise.

    one thing for sure, i can asure you it isnt the drivers and most likey not the card as the 1900xt's are very nice cards. i would test your ram and try using the same resolution in and outta games, for instance i use 1600x1200 on my desktop and games and have absolutly 0 problems tabing out of games.
  7. strangestranger, a few weeks ago i had a x850xt from a friend of my (borrowed it or however that is spelled), but it did take longer to minimize then with my G6600. So my guess is that it take longer with ati.

    But if endoman takes this as a problem, i have no problems trading my G6600 with his x1900xt :lol:
  8. Hey I have the same problem you have. After I load ABC Bittorrent to download big files and exit them... my explorer and stuff lags big time. I dont know how to fix it also. I remember before i upgraded my pc my p4 2.6ghz didnt lag like this. Now i have a 3200 + 64 venice core and its doing this to me... but my framerate for gaming is a lot higher so its not so bad i guess?

    I am sure I know what ya guys are talking about when you load the games it lags but then... this isnt the case for me.... do you have any idea how to fix it???
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