Gamer needs some tips on OCing AMD 4000+

Hey guys, I read the newbie guide to over clocking and it seems a bit complicated for someone who doesnt know their way around in bios.
I have a prebuilt system"that I think rocks",but I'm still curious if I can make it better.After reading afew articles I was able to pushed the HTT to 220,I left the multiplier @ 12,ram timings set @ 3 3 3 8. Freq 200Mhz, bank cycle 11,command rate 2T,DRAM idle timer 16.Everything else on auto wich has brought me to 2.6 with dram clocking @400mhz.I tried going higher but it seems if I go past 220 my dram clocking drops to 333mhz.How do I go higher and not lose performance on the ram.I have Corsair TWINX2024mb(2x1024)pc3200 I got a Zalman CNPS7000BLED cooler with Idle temps @ 34c and 46c after playing games.The ambient temp is 36c when idle.I know I cant push it too far without water cooling but I was just curious how far I could go.Thanks for your time and input,here are my specs:

AMD 64 4000+ San Diego @ 2.4
Asus A8N32Deluxe
Silverstone 600 PS
WD250 gig drive 16mb
Corsair TWINX2024mb(2x1024)pc3200
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  1. take the RAM off auto and set it manually, also ive looked up your RAM model on the corsair website and it looks like you have the timings set incorrectly.

    according to the spec sheet they should be set at, 3-4-4-8.

    UNLESS, its the C2 stuff then it should be ran at 2-3-3-6,

    that the slighty higher timings will allow for a better overclock on the ram, my current experiance with my corsair memory is that i can push the ram all the way to 235(470) without upping the voltage.
  2. the sandy core and the Asus MB you have will go all the way to 2.8 easy. (i think the max HTT is about 380 or something near to that, just double check your running the latest version of the bios and you can pump 1.6v to the CPU.)
    also disabling the auto timings on the ram sould solve the problem of it defualting to a lower speed. also im pretty sure it will run with a 1T command rate. run memtest to check for errors as well.

    and yes. your system does rock. be proud.
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