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My internet connection seems to get slower and slower the longer the PC is online. After startup websites load really fast (have DSL) and I cannot complain. But after a couple of hours pages seem to take forever to load and I feel myself reminded of the old 56k times... ;)

What could cause this decreasing speed with my internet connection? After a reboot it's fast as ever, but I don't want to reboot every few hours just to have a fast connection... Thanks for any tips!
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  1. what are the specs on your system?

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  2. P4 3.06 GHz
    512MB DDR-RAM(Dual)
    80GB HD Maxtor, 60GB HD IBM
    DVD-ROM, CD-Burner
    Radeon 9700Pro
    Internet connection ADSL
    Windows XP

    Anything else you'd like to know...?
  3. Ya, like... Details of the dsl connection!
    What modem? - supplied by isp or purchased
    How conncted? USB or RJ45(Nic)
    Use router/switch? Std GateWay? or Software (supplied by isp)
    Usin ICS from or to another machine...
    Which XP? Home or Pro...

    Which ISP(they could be the problem too!)
  4. have you ran any spyware/adware detection programs. Those can use up bandwith although I wouldnt think that much. Might try AdAware to check your system.
  5. yes i also think its software caused. Try installing a firewall, for example the <A HREF="" target="_new">Kerio Personal Firewall</A> (can be tricky to set up, if you new to firewalls, but if you got it, u can make everithing with it. Not to mention its free for home use;) to block spyware/trojans/advert and other unwanted programs. Install also some programs which can list the hidden running tasks also (for example <A HREF="" target="_new">Taskinfo</A>), so u can check the running programs. Install a good virus scanner too (f-secure seems to be the fastest), to grab the unwanted guests.
    If you dont find anything, then i guess you can start thinking about an OS reinstall or worrying about hardware problems.
  6. I've had that problem a few times and every time it was either a problem with spyware/adware on my machine or a problem with the card in the DSLAM or Central Office. After a few encounters with adware, I locked my wife out of my computer and got her her own. Since then, it's happened three times and it's been DSLAM/CO related every time.
  7. It's not Adware... I've used Ad-Aware to clean everything out that looked suspicious. ;)
    The modem and cable are the same as with my old PC, where they ran fine...
  8. You might want to take a look at <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> program.
    Although it doesn´t help you directly it can show you what programs that use bandwidth and you can set values for how much bandwidth each and every app can use. I find this program to be very useful while running DC (Direct Connect).
    If too many people try to download from me at the same time my DSL connection gets 'overloaded' (think it has something to do with packetloss) and my download speeds suffer a great deal.
    This applications solves all my problems, I just set my upload speed to 95% of the cap.

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