Replacement PSU for eMachines 400ie, need recommendation

I need to replace a PSU on a eMachines etower 400ie. The system runs fine with standard ATX, but its much to large to fit inside the case. I am guessing the original is micro ATX, but have nothing to compare it with.

The dead PSU is a Elcom Power Supply Model: ISP 120S 120W Its 4 7/8" wide, 2.5" tall and 3 7/8" long.

It looks like a 5" long model could be squeezed in if the cdrom was removed first.

It looks like a micro ATX, but I can't there is nothing at emachines website or written on the PSU itself to confirm this guess.

They are only willing to point me toward their $50 145 Watt PSU replacment.


1) Does anyone know if this is just a standard micro ATX powersupply, or iit is some proprietary BS?

2) Can anyone recommend a good replacemtent powersupply, preferably one available at

Thanks, this is for a friend and $50 is too much for emachines offical replacement given that its a 400mhz system.
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  1. i would guess its propriatary
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