How well will this OC?

I have a 2001 hp pavilion 750n. Lasted all this time with no big problems so far. Here are the specs from multiple programs: (don't laugh)

Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
FSB Frequency: 100 MHz
Bus Speed: 400 MHz (what's the difference between frequency and speed?)
8 KB L1
256 KB L2
BIOS is from Award Software, Inc.
BIOS revisioin: 3.02
Chipset: Intel i845D rev. 04
Southbridge: Intel i845D rev. 04
512 MB DDR-SDRAM PC2100 (2*256)
RAM Frequency: 132.8 MHz
Timing: 2.5-3-3-6
CPU Temp (from the BIOS setup) 48c
Am I missing anything?

Because my computer is 5 years old, would it still be safe to OC it?
I'd like it to last as long as possible because my parents don't need a powerful pc.
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  1. First off, if you don't need the speed, don't OC it. Secondly, that system is sooo old I don't even know how well it'll OC (gotta ask the gurus here). Thirdly, it's not like stock HP power supplies are good at OCing. Fourthly, your BIOS may not even support OCing.

    If your PSU can handle it, then consider moving the RAM divider to 1:1 or something like that to up the CPU frequency. This will require you to increase the Vcore voltage for the CPU.

    I would also advise backing up your files in case it all goes south (in case you OC it too much)

    And oh, I should add that OCing is the antithesis to making your PC last longer.
  2. also as a side note.. that P4 1.6 is probably the goat intel designed that performed WORSE than the PIII. That family of cpu was poor at Over Clocking. Williamette based P4's have 256KB L2 cache and the Northwood P4's have 512KB in their L2.
    The Willamette's SUCK.. so it's a waste to even consider.. sorry.
    100 fsb is the frequency of your Motherboards transport. Ram runs on it verbatim.. Pentium runs 4 times that..hence 100 x 4 = 400 That's a clock speed internal to the processor only. willamette explained Computer stuff, explained
  3. LOL I guess my comp is a lot crappier than I thought, but I can still do just about anything I need except newer games and multitasking.

    Oh and I didn't want to OC to make it faster, but so I would be better prepared if I wanted to OC a future comp.

    I went into the BIOS and it doesn't look like it allows overclocking because it doesn't have options to set much except the boot order and system time... LOL oh well I'm planning on building a comp.
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