two questions: hard drive problem, and no post.

1st problem:
Specs first:
motherboard: asus p4p800se
cpu: intel 2.8 ghz northwood
ram: 2gb geil (512x4)
video card: evga geforce 6800gs 256mb (agp)
hard drives:
60 gb IBM 7200rpm(ide)
80 gb Maxtor 7200rpm(ide)
300 gb Seagate 7200rpm(ide)
power supply: ultra 500watt.
I tried turning on my computer the other day, and nothing would show up on the monitor. At first I thought it was the video card, so I swapped it out with an older card I had on hand. Nothing changed, so I disconnected everything except video, ram, and cpu. Still nothing. I thought it might be the motherboard because it wasn't going to bios. So I ordered the exact same model mother board, put it in, and had nothing work. I've taken out the cpu to see if it would at least give me something on the monitor, but nothing has worked. It's not the monitor because i've tested it using my laptop.

I know that paste 'paragraph' wasn't very coherent, but if anyone can help at all or has any questions about my system, please post.

2nd problem,

On a completely different computer, I have a new SATA hard drive, and everytime I try to boot with it, it gives me a neverending beep. The system, sans the new drive, worked perfectly fine before I moved it to a new case. I've tried using IDE drives too, and it doesn't work.
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  1. Neverending beep... do you get a display?

    If there is nothing on the screen, its video card, otherwise its RAM.
  2. the computer with the beep actually boots to bios, but usually freezes before anything can happen.

    I've tried swapping the video card and the ram. seperately. and i still get no display.
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