Upgrading old comp to D 805

Posted in the wrong thread before :S

Anyway i have this comp right now:
AMD 3200+
1.5Gb DDR400
Asus A7N8X Deluxe

Lots of problems, repaced MB 2 times, changed ram like 4-5 times to kingston, samsung etc.. couldnt and cant run it at DDR400 anymore without getting BSOD =D

And now im thinking of getting these things:

Mr.Smith D 805 2.66Ghz 533Mhz fsb 2x1Mb cache dual core..
Ms.Asrock 775i65PE, has 8x(WOW!) AGP, 533/800/1066 FSB, likes Mr.Smith in support list etc.

Seems good to me but is it?

I can still use my old stuff with her too wich is kinda the point untill the real PCIe GPUs come(DX10), conroe etc.. I dont want to waste alot of cash just to waste alot of cash once more directly after the first wastage =D

Has anyone tried using a 775i65PE from Asrock with the D 805?

I was thinking of using a Asrock 775Dual-880Pro because it could have both AGP/PCIe, DDR/DDR2, but PCIe ran at 4x and i could only use 1Gb of my ram then, so im going for the 775i65PE.

Oh and a bad thing happened to my old watercooling, it korroded :S It doesnt look to bad but its like rust everywhere inside the block etc..
Any way to clean it up? Its the swifttec block with the 226watt pelt for socket A, the old version with 4 screws(new one just have 1 screw and looks nicer.. >.<).
Anyways i think it still has some cooling power even though its a bit rusty =D
So ill be trying to use some acid stuff to clean it so Mr.Smith can feel secure and consentrate in making music with Ms.Asrock =D

note: purpous is to have my old friends connect with Ms.Asrock, and Mr.Smith is just there untill i can replace my old friends and throw away Ms.Asrock ^^

*edit* in short: 3.8-4Ghz with Ms.Asrock possible? and how can i clean the waterblock? :P
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  1. Spend a little more money on the motherboard, because Asrock is not good at all. And you should try to get a motherboard with PCI-Express because AGP is now dead forever...
  2. It's not an upgrade.

    Save your money and stick with what you have. Wait for the new AMD/Intel stuff to become widely available and make some comparisons. Then buy.

    Something tells me you're running 3 512Mb sticks on that Asus board.
  3. Your 3200+ probably games as well or better than a 805.
    I suspect your problems with your DDR400 lie in incompatability. You have 1.5 gig you say. So Im assuming 3- 512's or 1- 1gb and 1 512. Sometimes if you the sticks dont match they wont run correctly. Or if one ram stick has double density memory and the others are only single sided. If you have 2 identicle sticks of the same speed and latency try them. If they are all different then just try one. Im betting they work fine, just not together.
    Save for a real upgrade in the near future, not a 805.
  4. thx for the posts guys :)

    yea i have 3x512 noname at the moment(same latency etc.), quite low latency and i tried kingston, samsung and a couple of other brands already and it just wont go at full speed so im thinking its the CPU? because the MB has been replaced 2 times, and the samsung+kingston memmory was on the mb support list, i know this particular motherboard is very kinky about what memory it runs with :( the ram does not run hot when @ 200Mhz in bios, and works great untill i load the system(play a game, download fast, running alot of programs etc.) then i get the BSODs..

    and upgrading to the D 805, its not mainly for speed my 3200+ is good enough for me except that i cant use my ram at max speed.. and future upgrades requires it all to be replaced in one go..
    im mainly thinking about the future, motherboards are cheap but you have to have a cpu that fits the motherboard.
    the D 805 is dual core+64 bit, so i figgured if i got that cpu and get a motherboard that i can run it on together with my old stuff i can use it all instead of having bits laying around.
    i could get a better motherboard with conroe support(without having to buy a new expensive CPU) with DDR2, DX10 GPU later with no upgrading walls that you cant go past.

    does everyone agree its better to save the small sum this would cost to change every hardware i have at the same time for a huge cost?
    replacing CPU, GPU, MB, get 1+Gb DDR2 is expensive. i would like to have done it like this: get a cheap CPU for the 775 socket, cheap MB, keep my old stuff. get the DDR2, GPU, new MB with conroe support and goodies once the DX10 cards come, and finaly get a conroe once the cpu cant keep up. i would then hopefully have a system i can keep building on untill the next socket changes ^^
  5. Try running only 1GB of RAM. 1 module in bank 1, and one module in bank 3.
  6. Ragger,

    Asrock boards don't seem to OC as well as they say.

    I have seen other posts using this ASUS with some success.


    Also you will need a good PSU 500watt+
  7. I have both the xp 3200 and the 805 and the 805 is faster than the xp and it games better, runs apps better, sure agp is dead but it will do you for games for a few years by then the dx10 cards will be full blown and you would have a couple of years to save for the upgrade.
  8. Anoobis we tried that with my first board, using dual channel and singel channel setups, different ram modules etc. my 2nd board is exactly the same, so it must be that my cpu hates me..

    i will defenetly use the P5P800 SE instead, its a bit more expensive but asus usualy means alot of quality(imo) ive always used asus, and since others have had success with it thats a plus.

    i also managed to clean up my old watercooling and stuff since it was corroded. so now it looks almost like new ^^ i used aceton and it did the trick very nice. luckely i could split the cpu block in 2 otherwice cleaning it up would have been a pain..

    will let you know how it turns out with the D805 and the asus mb. going to be a few weeks since i had to go on a trip 8O
  9. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2112593
    I was able to do some work for you I once again took out my vcard from the xp system and put it in the 805 and did some ocing with both the vcard and the cpu. I did not push the cpu to much becase it only has the stock HSF.
    It is faster than the xp with ocing and is faster in stock speeds, I could put the board in my case and really do some ocing but I have decided not to because My xp system can handle ever thing with great performance.
    xp bench is 6300 I'll give the orb after you veiw the 805 orb.
    This is the case the 805 may go in but I dont know if it will really be worth it

    I will most likely wait for a bit longer, its not money its more so waiting for dx10 and ddr3 but maybe the conroe or the x24800 or in that range than it would be worth the time spent.
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