want to build this, under 2k$, gaming rig

DFI Lan party UT CFX3200 (socket 939, crossfire chipset)
AMD X2 4400+
Dual 1GB Corsair XMS DDR400 w/ activity heatsinks
Forton Source FX600 PSU (600W)
Aspire X-Discovery case
Zalman 92mm blue led triple heatpipe CPU cooler
WD 320GB sata II
WD 74GB raptor (thinking about dropping this for cash reasons)
ATI radeon x1900xt

(all newegg..round 1600)
anyone with a similar machine tell me how theirs performs?

this is long overdue...there isn't even a 64-bit machine in my house out of 17 computers, but money's tight.

better ideas?
cash donations?

lol jk on that one
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  1. lol u got lucky ur build price if im not mistaken went down to 1500 :)
    newegg lowered the price a bit on teh 1900xt i just checked couple minutes ago

    and in regards to cenroe i agree, i think its worht the wait, its goig to be a good cpu, even the lowest 1.8 looks sweet, not mentioning the 2.1 version ;)
    hm... i would go 2 gig if thats possible
  2. prozac26 was right, conroe or AM2 are both better choices...

    besides, a Conroe that performs as well is so much cheaper that you can get 2gigs of ram wthout spending more :wink:

    finally, consider getting more that one hard drive for RAID 0, it can really help loading times, etc.
  3. @ illuminati: I think the topic starter meant Dual 1GB as in 2x1GB=2GB, not Dual 1GB as in 2x512MB=1GB. And if you don't wanna wait for Conroe, you should at least get AM2 since you will actually have upgrade paths to Quad-Core and stuff and possibly there might be a new video card interface that will be released on AM2 boards that ISN'T PCI-Express. :idea: :arrow:
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