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i know i can use one version/location of Office2000 (after installing it twice) in a dual boot environment ... so i was wondering if i can generally do this with other software ... anyone know?
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  1. You sure can. Just install the program twice, once in each OS.

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  2. i doubt i was clear enough, but with Office, i believe the files used in each environment are the SAME (so even though it's installed TWICE, it's not taking up 2x the space) ... this is what i was wondering if is generally possible with other software. (is this what you understood me to mean?)
    ... now i think i'm even confusing myself! :)
  3. <font color=blue>If you are dual booting between 9x and nt you will have difficulty in that NT will not read FAT32 and 9x will not read NTFS. So you are limitied to 2g FAT16 partitions. Win 2k (& xp I assume) will read both. Sooooo, unless you are running win2k when you say dual boot - your problems of compaitibility 'tween you os's go way beyond having to install the app's twice - they can't even read the same partions!

    Basically, if this is a primary concern for you, you may not be a prime candidate for dual boots.

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  4. well, i don't mind having a few 2GB fat16 partitions if it means that i don't have to have all my software taking up twice the space.
    as far as office2000 goes, MS support says that as long as both OSs are on fat 16 partitions and the install directory is fat 16, then it can be installed to the same path.
    i just didn't know if this was the case for most other software or not.
  5. <font color=blue>Certainly much of the software is duplicate information that could be used on a shared drive. However, as involved applications such as Office tend to be where they play with the dll's and registry quite a bit, I can't imagine you wouldn't have to install it on both os's. Inf act I almost positive you would have to for most applications. Very few allow you to simply copy the folder and run with it.

    That the case, (for those appz that require an install) as tempermental as appz seem to be these days, I would balk at overlapping an install from one os type over an existing install from another for the sake of saving a few hundred megs of space. It seems like asking for trouble

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  6. [[QOUTE]["...overlapping an install from one os type over an existing install from another for the sake of saving a few hundred megs of space. It seems like asking for trouble.]

    Yeah, exactly. I agree. WinNT is strong enough not allowing much tricks and jokes, but MS Office2000 isn't a perfect software creating some mess and littering with tmp files after install and update. Not a good idea at all to share some common space for programs. Except data. Documents I mean.

    [EDITED by NickM]
    I want you to understand me correctly.
    Back in 1996 I had MS Office 6 installed on a NT Server from severel workstations. Recently I discovered that one of co-worker's machine had in the same directory mirrored from old harddrivers DOS, several updates to different Windows throug Win3.1, 95, 98. And WinNT. She had in the same C: directory MS Office 97 installed from Win9x and Office 2000 from WinNT. The machine worked with no complanes. She didn't use the Win9x actually. And there're more examples with dual MS Office2000 installations in that company, but the troubles began after MS Office 2000 came. And little by little the systems are reinstalling now.

    My point is MS Ofice 2000 (and Internet Explorer as well) isn't the right software to do such share. MS Office97 is solid as a rock if we compare with MS Office2000.

    The way you're asking <b>will work</b>, anyway,
    as Rob Arrow mentioned above.
    It'll work even in one mutual for Win9x and WinNT partition C: and you can create up to 4 GB FAT16 single partition (if answer ignore) when boot from WinNT CD, not rational though.
    Sure it'll work installed in either separate Win9x or WinNT partition. Or into the 3d mutual partition, say "FAT16 Program Partition". In the last case you'll be able to have a large NTFS partition for WinNT.
    And you can save up to 155-180 MB of space in any of above combination.
    May be it's good enough for home. Install Office SP1, and (if you want) WinNT SP6a on top again. Can't recommend for corporate computers/network. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by NickM on 07/23/01 02:15 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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