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I have read on some sights that there have been some AM2 stability issues? Is this true and if so what are they?
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  1. Quote:
    I have read on some sights that there have been some AM2 stability issues? Is this true and if so what are they?

    This is true for any new product release. I'm sure Conroe will have it's fair share of motherboard stability issues.

    If you read about AM2 stability issues on other sites, didn't they provide any specifics?
  2. Haven't heard anythign like that.
  3. What instability are you referring to?
    Maybe you mean compatability issues?
    The only problems I have encountered or heard of are ram issues. Mostly OCZ, because there spd timings, those issues have been fixed though. Also there has been some issues with ram voltage, but thats just user error. If you manually set the voltage, theres no issues.
  4. Actually what you are hearing is contrary to what is being said all over the web.

    AMD has worked hard to rid themselves of stability issues.

    Having googled for "+AMD +AM2 +Stability" I have found nothing to the contrary of my above statement.

    I have found that after market cooling solutions do not fit in the same manner and have Stability issues with connecting the after market heat sinks.
  5. Mrs D.

    Just a "little" off post. :wink: This does have to do with AM2, tho.

    I've heard of so many problems with MSI mobo's lately. From your observations, are they mostly PEBKAC? Also, are the problems mainly with OCZ mem?

    I haven't seen or heard of any news on the Nforce 5xx series. How is yours doing? If possible, how is your experience with your mobo vs. the Nforce 4?

    MSI K9N-Neo Nforce550 AM2
    Sempron64 3600+ AM2 2.0 @ 2.4ghz

    Thank ya ma'am!
  6. It would appear that MSI had a problem with one of their AM2 compliant MoBos. Is this the problem of which you speak?
  7. If I recall correctly, yes, MSI was having troubles with their new AM2 boards and OCZ mem. Like most anything new, I'm sure it is / was short term and just buggy till resolved by MSI.

    That brings up another thought. If ASUS is the mobo to have for OC'ers, is that still the case with AM2 boards, or are other manufacturers moving toward making boards for enthusiasts?
  8. There was a miscommunication between Manufacturers. I don't recall nthe details, but loosely stated, the ram in question was reporting the wrong voltage to the bios (MSI and Gigabyte boards, I believe)

    Anyway, the fix was to either grab a stick of some other brand of memory, set the proper voltage in BIOS then reinsert the OCZs.


    Put the OCZ ram in an intel board and flash the memory modules themselves so that they would indicate the proper voltage to the AM2 boards.

    OCZ has since fixed this problem. It was really not a problem with the boards.
  9. Ahhhh, what a pain. Glad it wasn't with the boards and is now fixed.

    If anyone has one of the new AM2 boards with Nforce 5xx and have used Nforce 4 boards before, would you mind commenting with your comparison of both? Is Nforce 5xx much different / better?

    Also, has anyone noticed any benchies for AM2 boards, yet? I'm pretty surprised that Toms hasn't updated theirs. I guess, since Conroe and Intel are taking over the world and AMD will be closing their doors soon, that there's no need. LOL... :twisted:
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