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I haved bougt:
Dreemfleet Cardinal C177R
All FSgenenis canadian terrain mesh (LOD10(38meter))
Canada ultimate terrain
i will buy bird eye view when available.

up to now i am satisfied for VFR flight.

What will be the next best add-on for VFR flight,
Active sky, flight environment from flight1 or both?
Do you have other suggestion for canadian VFR flght?

I want to be as real as it can be

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    If it's a choice, get ActiveSky (AS) first. The single greatest thing
    about it is that you can SEE weather sims in the distance and fly into
    or around them. Compare the default weather, where you find out there's
    weather ahead only when you fly into it and suddenly you're in a

    I purchased AS when the new version came out this spring and was very
    pleased. Recently, I also bought Flight Environment (FE); this too
    exceeded my expectations. There are other sources for beautiful clouds
    -- and if you buy ActiveSky V, it comes with a bunch of cloud sets that
    are actually integrated with the weather generator. I have been
    happier, though, with the FE clouds. Your mileage may vary! But more
    than one person has reported improved framerates with the FE cloudsets.
    See for the author's explanation of how this
    is possible. What happened in my case was slightly different: my detail
    went up (from 64x64 to 256x256) and my framerates stayed the same. The
    result was much better images without loss of performance. I repeat:
    your mileage may vary. But I am very happy. And FE comes with great
    water textures, too.

    Bottom line: the combination of AS and FE adds a lot to VFR flying.

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