Alright everyone!! let me know what u think....

alright, this is my updated pc listing, thanks to everyone who recommended parts for me.....let me know what u guys in no rush to buy this system. i have all summer really. im still going to wait for conroe just to compare, but the prices r still......idk...a lil high for me....but this is what i got for now!

Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or AMD Athlon 4200+ AM2

still cant decide. if someone could recommend a good, fast, reliable hdd for me @ around $100-160 that would be great. im looking for at least 250gb or so.....

Corsair XMS2 2GB 240-pin DDR2 800

vid card:

7900gtx 512mb (needs some suggestions on which company to get it from)
Listing of 7900 GTX

sound card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic


Aspire 680W mainly because of looks and power, not too set on it


Saitek Wired Eclipse heard good things about it

Logitech G7 same as above

monitor: BenQ FP202W Black 20.1" DVI 8ms Widescreen and im going to replace the horrible stand with...Ergotron's Neo-flex LCD Stand

Logitech Z-5500 5.1

i dont really know much about this stuff...but if someone could also recommend some awesome fans/heatsinks/whatever, that would be spectacular
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  1. Here's my two cents for a HDD:

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s

    It's $110 with free shipping today on Newegg, 5-year warranty, Seagate's are known for being quiet too.
  2. Just curious.. why an SLI motherboard? If you are not going to use SLI, there is no reason to get that board unless you need RAID 5 or something. Look at the one below it.. $96..
    This one: Asus M2N-E

    If you are going for the 7900GTX, the 7950 is faster for only a little bit more:

    Also look at the X1900. The RAM is ok, but you can some OCZ CLS4 for cheaper.

    The G5/G7 are AMAZING i love my G5!
  3. im using the sli board because i want room to expand. and as far as the 7900, i saw fps comparisons and on some games...the 7900 did BETTER. but idk, ill take it to consideration. im almost refuse to go ATI because ive heard so many complaints about them running way too hot and many technical problems with them. ive used nvidia for a long time and im extremely pleased. but thansk for ur recommedation!
  4. saitek keyboards wear out really easily and the paint comes off too. logitech G5 is great i have 1 too, i recommend that. as for the 7900GTX, either get a 7950 or get a 7900GTX from MSI, EVGA, or XFX, all are the best, same for the 7950 if u decide to get 1 instead.
  5. I have the Saitek keyboard and it's good but I upgrade to Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard with is better for it's programmable macro keys that are very helpful in games. I have the G5 mouse as well and it's the best for gaming.

    As for the graphics card get BFG, you can't go wrong with it.
  6. id recommend the G5 instead of the G7. i have the G5 and have never been happier. also if ur ganna take EnforcerFX advice on changing the keyboard then i recommend the Logitech G15 i know it cost more but if ur into MMO like World of Warcraft the extra 18 G keys come in handy, plus the LCD screen and the media control under the screen is really cool. it also glows under the keys. as for the hard drive go with a seagate or WD. as for the video card the best would be XFX but those get pricey, another good company would be BFG or EVGA, id go with EVGA ur choice though.

    id recommend cooling but i need to know are u ganna be overclocking or not
  7. reply to enforcer, the keyboard paint im not worried about cuz a buddy of mine put clear coat nail polish on his(he read a tip online) and it works far as the wearing out...ill have to consider that.

    to adam....thanks for all of ur advice, and for cooling, i have LESS than no experience in overclocking lol, so i prolly wont do much of that until i learn mroe about it. with the parts that i have planned now, i dont think ill need to do much overclocking, but i might consider it in the future.
  8. since ur not going to overclock for now the stock cooling should be good. plus the case comes with two fans and that should be good enough for now. my only adivce is to make sure that the frent fan is sucking air in and the rear one out, since the cooler air is at the frent of the case because at the rear the power supply also sends out air back there and the temps are higher back there. once u chose to over clock i recommend a zalaman
  9. To respond your room to expand comment:

    SLI is way overhyped and overdone. Unless you plan on going SLI within 90 days, there is NO reason to ever go SLI. You will end up spending more money, and have less card than the new high end card. Physics solutions are long way off. Tom have a good review of the Aegis one, showing how just pathetic such solutions are at the present time.
  10. I have the same case and Mobo and I can't get the USB ports to line up correctly. I believe I will have to cut the wires to make them line up (The USB come as a 4 pin block). So just be ready to do some wiring. This Mobo is great has so many great features and having SLI availible down the road for me was a must! I also have the Zalman cooler and fit well with plenty of room. This case is huge and weighs "a ton" (36 lbs empty). so don't plan on moving it much.
  11. which zalman cooler do u have???
  12. Quote:

    Aspire 680W mainly because of looks and power, not too set on it

    I agree it looks pretty snaz, but I've only heard mediocre reviews on it. In that price range, you could look at OCZ supplies.
  13. I have the CNPS9500 AM2! The case has 4 fans and will keep everything of your very cool and it's all set up for you. One 120mm LED intake, One 120mm LED rear exaust and a 90mm above it. Also a 90mm exausting out the top. It's a COOL :D case and the MOBO auto OC for you.
  14. i personally dont have one but ive heard its really good and i am planing to buy one once the $ comes in. u have a AM2 cpu so u can get the CNPS9500 AM2. i dont know where u can get it but its out and it looks promising (considering Zalman had a reputation to hold up it better be). i have an old P4 1.6GHz socket 478 (o.c. to 2.2GHz) i think im ganna get the fatal1ty maybe myself or the CNPS9500 LED which ever turns out cheaper
  15. thanks alot man but i got a place near my house where there selling it $63 canadian instead of $63 USD

    thanks anyways
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