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when using the ati tool to scan for artifacts my 6600gt temps soar through the roof since the ambient temps are near 30c. so it idles around 55 and with full load from the atitool it goes to 105c no artifacts. Is atitool more demanding than games like fear and prey? that it makes the gpu so dam hot?
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  1. Is ATI Tools telling you the temp? If yes, then I assume it's a wrong reading.

    I would also assume that ATI Tool would make the GPU so hot to see at what points artifacts appear.
  2. well the nvidia driver is giving me a similar reading in the 100c
  3. I haven't found anything that'll heat a GPU up faster, or higher, than AtiTool's stress tester. Games won't abuse it nearly as bad.

    105 degrees is very possible, so get a better aftermarket cooler if you plan to put your 6600 through alot of stress.
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