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I plan on building a new system based around the Pentium D 930 chip, and a 7900 gt graaphics card, but am unsure of what motherboard would be the best.

I have currently been thinking about one of the 3 following boards:

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium
Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal
Gigabyte G175x

However I think I may not need all of the extra features some of those boards offer. Mainly what I am looking for is:

upgradability to conroe

From what I have heard the 975 chipsets may not be Conroe compatable, however I would rather buy a good non-upgradable board then a crappy 965 board that could go to conroe.

My budget would be 240 and SLI would be a bonus.
Any boards fitting those criteria?

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  1. They are all stable boards. Based on the reviews and benchmarks I've seen, both of the Gigabyte boards outperform the Asus, especially the Quad Royal. My understanding is that boards available now with the 975X chipset are not, and will not be with a BIOS update, Conroe compatible. So if you buy now, I think you're hosed for Conroe support. For what it's worth, the Foxconn NF4SLI7AA-8KRS2 benchmarks pretty well, and gets good marks for stability, as well.
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