problem with laptop power, doesn't switch on


My laptop has suddenly stopped accepting power. Here are the symptoms:

-- When i plug in the power cable into AC (without connecting to laptop). the LED in adapter glows. When I connect to the laptop the LED in adapter goes off. The laptop does start and it does not charge the battery either.

I have verified that its not a problem with power adapter by using it on other laptop and also using other laptops adapter with this one.

It is not a problem with laptop booting up also, because the laptop still works properly when I put a charged battery in it.

I have opened the laptop and cleaned everything so that no short circuit occurs.

Doe anyone have any ideas about what I can do next?

thanks !
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  1. this is mainly a desktop forum, since laptops are tightly packed not many (if any) of us know much about the internals of a laptop. My suggestion is to talk to the manufacturer of ur laptop, i doubt u'll get any help here.
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