Straining my PSU.

Hey folks, having YET more problems with my new build. Powerful though it is, it hasn't half cost me a lot of time (+money) to get it running.

Anyways, I was wondering whether these problems I'm having could be because I'm 'straining' my power supply, which is an 480W Antec NEO-Power device (

Basically, my problems are that sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I'll press my computers 'on switch' and it won't actually boot up for a good 30 seconds after pressing the button. It will also sometimes emit an annoying beep sound on startup for a few seconds, where my main 120mm fan seems not to be spinning. The beep goes away fairly quickly, and the fan and its LED switch on before Windows loads, but still, 'nay pleasent.

So, I was wondering whether this could be caused by my system not having enough wattage. Or whether it could be some other faulty part.
Either way, my system so you can guage how much juice it should be using:

AMD 64 3700 + Freezer Pro 64
256mb nVidia 7900 GT
one 160gb SATA-2 HDD
two disc drives (one DVD, one CD/R)
nForce 4 SLI mobo
2gb PC3200 RAM @ 2.5-3-3-6
3 (+1) Fans (One 120mm on the back, one 80mm on the front, two 40mm fans on the HDD, although these act as one)

Thats about it power-wise I think. Once again, any help would be great.
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  1. your psu should be fine
    480watt is usually fine unless you have sli/crossfire and/or dualcore
    make sure your moniter is plugged in 2 its own power point and not threw the psu as this can use alot of power espescially if its a crt.

    to make sure its not the psu try unplugging the cd/dvd drives and some case fans to give the system more power
  2. I have the same or similar PSU and I run my system on it without too much of an issue. I have:

    AMD X2 4200+
    ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe
    XFX 7800G
    74GB raptor
    Audigy 2ZS w/ front panel
    2x160GB Seagate SATAs
    Sony DVD RW
    2GB HyperX ram
    Fan Controller
    2x120mm fans (one is LED)

    I have never had a problem, however it sounds like it is possible that your PSU is dying. The amount of Wattage it can put out should not be the problem though. If you're getting a beep at startup have you checked your motherboard manual to see if possibly it's a post code message telling you what might be wrong.


    Put in your system specs and it will tell you what size powersupply (ish) you will need. I threw in the basic components you listed and it came out to around 300W. NOTE: this is probably not exact but it's a good idea.
  3. I'm running a 650W Silverstone PSU.

    Athlon 4200+ X2
    ASUS A8N SLI-Deluxe
    2GB Patriot RAM
    GeForce 7800 GTX 512
    Linksys SRX PCI wireless G
    SoundBlaster X-Fi
    3 x CD/DVD Rom drives.
    6 x 7200 RPM Hitachi SATAII drives.
    4 x 80mm fans on the drive stack.
    1 x 80mm high-output fan on the side of the case.
    1 x 120mm fan on the rear (and the PSU fan)
    The CPU fan, and the chipset fan.

    When I've got this thing running idle, my APC BR1500 reports a usage of about 230W. It jumps to 400W when I'm gaming. This includes my Samsung Syncmaster 19" LCD, my firewall, wireless AP and cable modem.

    I'd say you're probably not straining your PSU, unless it is defective. But without testing the output while it is running, I don't know how you would determine that.
  4. Quote:

    When I've got this thing running idle, my APC BR1500 reports a usage of about 230W. It jumps to 400W when I'm gaming. This includes my Samsung Syncmaster 19" LCD, my firewall, wireless AP and cable modem.

    Also remember that a PSU is not 100% efficient. So if the PC is drawing 325w from the AC outlet while gaming, then the PC is actually using about 244w if the PSU is 75% efficient. The rest is lost as heat.
  5. Right after looking around on the net I'm gonna agree with what most of you have said, that a 480w PSU should handle my rig with near ease.

    So, now I'm wondering what exactly could be the cause of the slow load up time. Well, not so much slow start up time, as the delay between pressing the 'on button' and the computer actually switching on.

    One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't happen 100% of the time, for example, I switch it on in the morning when I wake up and most of the time the delayed startup will happen. However, if I switch it off and then come back an hour later after going out for a run or something similar, it more often than not boots up instantaneously (never been able to spell that word....)

    any ideas?

    - cheers
  6. While the PSU provides ample power for your system it is entirely possible that the Supply is just going bad. If you have another one that can power that system my first step would be to try another PSU and see if you get the same issue. If you still have the same issue then it's probably nothing to do with the PSU. From there I'd say make sure everything is plugged in securely and that you have no shorts (anything touching the mobo that normally shouldn't be). I had a computer that would intermittantly power up and a good whack to the side of the case would fix that, it eventually turned out there was a loose cable connection.
  7. either your psu may be dying or it is probly the m/b
    maybe the switch stays on when u press it(happened to me once)
    try start the comp with a screw driver and see if it works
  8. Alright, yesterday I opened my comp up and noticed a small connecter not connected. It was labelled "PWR LED", so I though "ah ha, power LED, that sounds like.... a power LED". I plugged it in and on next bootup was greeted by a green light on the front of my case next to the 'on button'. For some strange reason I thought that this may have 'sorted me out', however on waking up this morning I turned the computer on and was sad to see the usual delay.

    Is their any chance this could be nothing to worry about?

    I'll go through all my connections later on, and see if thats the problem. But sadly this is gonna nag my mind all through my holiday (I leave for Spain on the morrow)
  9. Sadly the Power LED is just a light... would've been a nice easy fix though. :D As far as worrying about this it sounds like something is certainly wrong, and you want to get it straightened out, if for no better reason than your own sanity. However, it doesn't sound like something that's going to make your computer blow up the next time you turn it on. If you haven't checked all the connections it would probably be a good idea. However the delayed boot is kind of weird and suggests that something is probably dead or dying, most likely PSU or mobo.
  10. Oh for *&^*% sakes. Take down the beep code and check your motherboard manual... if it's not a single short beep then something is wrong.
  11. Quote:
    Oh for *&^*% sakes. Take down the beep code and check your motherboard manual... if it's not a single short beep then something is wrong.

    their is no longer a beep. I mentioned that only passingly, I thin that was just a fan not properly plugged in.

    and, I bugger off to Spain tommorow so I'll look into it all in a week or so. Its a relief to know my PC won't explode (as I was half expecting one of you to say something along the lines of "Run for cover!").

    If my motherboard is dud I am gonna be so pissed off at Gigabyte that I may well be forced to kill 'em....

    EDIT: I just found something while browsing the BIOS. This 'something' I'm a bit confused about. My manual and the BIOS itself doesn't really make clear what it does. Reckon it could 'help my cause' ?

    AC BACK Function:

    Soft Off (current setting) - When AC-power back to the system, system in 'off' state.
    Full On - When AC-power back to the system, system always 'on'
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