Problem with memory... please help

I have Kingmax Hardcore DDR500 (250Mhz) memory 2x512. My other system specs are Athlon 3500 (Newcastle), Gigabyte GK8NS Ultra (NF3) and ati x800xt, 500W Everpower (not a big brand but quality PSU), 12V rail at 25A.
While overclocking I found that my memory ran (for hours prime stable) at 260Mhz 3-3-3-8 timings. I have been running it at 240Mhz 3-3-3-8 for the last month and my CPU at 10x240. Everything on spec volatge and was prime stable for hours.
Yesterday I was running a prime torture test and it crashed after 6 hours. So i started to lower my FSB. I couldnt get my memory to run prime stable when I loaded the bios defaults. It couldnt run stable at 200Mhz 3-6-6-12. Today I can run it 220Mhz 3-4-4-8 prime stabe for a few hours. at 230 I cant boot up windows but I was able at 260 before.
Im running my PC with case open. VERY well ventilated. I have Big Typhoon and my CPU doesnt go above 44C and there are 2x80mm fans blowing on the x800xt and my mobo a few cents from the memory keeping it cool (only a bit warm to the touch - almost ambient temp) i have 2x80 and 1x120 exaust fans (not counting the PSU) and 2x80 intake cooling the HDDs.

The prime doesnt fail with small FFTs (smaller than cache) only the big ones fail (=> 1024kb) so I know its the memory not the CPU (i also tested the CPU on smaller multiplyers and also failed. Upping the mem voltage made no effect.

Did my memory degrade or something? maybe motherboard?
I never read about memory degradation in any overclocking guide. I searched the internet and found nothing.
Please I need help. Can I RMA this I think memory has 3 years policy (the shop I bought it at). (Kingmax offers lifetime)
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  1. Maybe. What's the RAM voltage? Also check the RAM's specs and see what its max voltage is. Should be able to adjust the RAM voltage - try bumping it a notch if there's room. Most ram can take 2.8 or more, but that's supposed to void the warranty.

    RAM degrades, its expected AFAIK with overclocking.

  2. thanx for the reply. I think it was a hickup. I mean it works now. For a coupl of days I had blue screens and strange problems which seamed memory related. After a couple of mem pull outs and ins now it works as before. Im running it at 240Mhz (stock volt, 2.5 or 2.6 I cant remember).
    The Memory is rated at 250Mhz (ddr500).
    It was probably a problem with the motherboard, some contact got dirty.

    I know that CPUs dont degrade in performance over time. It works on some frequancy and voltage or it doesnt.

    Does memory really degrade (even if kept at stock volt/freq)??

    This mem was double expensive than any generic stuff and I can get 8100Mb/s on everest memory read test when i push it to 260Mhz. Really good stuff.
  3. Generally, no. RAM should work at stock settings for years. However there's always the possibility that a memory cell that was borderline in testing (but still passed) will go bad.

    If you run it faster than spec, and especially if you overvolt it or let it get too warm, then it can degrade.

    Glad your issue turned out to be a quirk.

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