MSI 945GM2-F

In my previous thread, it was a good point of our good friends in the forum to have at least a motherboard that supports core 2 duo for future upgrade compatability.

I came across this MSI 945GM2-F motherboard (i think its kinda cheap too) and from its description it says it supports the ff:

Supports Socket 775 for Intel P4 5XX, 6XX, P4EE, Pentium D 8XX and Celeron D processors. (without Pentium EE 840)
• Supports FSB 1066/800/533MHz
• Supports EIST technology
• Supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology
• Supports Intel Dual Core Technology to 800MHz and up

With the last description, does this mean it supports what you guys are saying to be "core 2 duo upgradable" or is it another thing?

I apologize if I understand it all wrong. As I have said before and as my name implies, I am not that technically updated with the CPU world..

Mine are just clarifications to learn as well as apply in the PCU I am planning to setup.

Wold appreciate it also if you can give some comments on this motherboard's performance.

Thanks 4 ur expert opinions and patience..

P.S. Can you also suggest best motherboards for Pentium D830 other than Intel(both for core 2 duo upgradable motherboards and not). If I have heard it right, Foxconn is gaining attention in the motherboard world(considering they are the ones supplying parts for certain motherboards, even in Intels), are they good also or would you settle for MSI instead?

Thanks again!
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  1. The "Supports Intel Dual Core" refers to the Pentium D 8XX devices, just as the hyperthreading refers to the 6xx devices.

    This board doesn't even seem to support the Pentium D 9xx devices, and won't support Core 2 Duo
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