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Alright i have a old 2000 XP, I was running idle around 33C and somewhere around 32-35C ambient. I removed the thermal paste cleaned it with artic silvers cleaners. When i put it back together I was getting around 42C idle. Now i know that artic silver 5 has a break in period but 10C seems like a huge difference. I also removed it again and cleaned again did the same thing execpt i used everclear at the end to make sure there was no residue from artic silver cleaners. Still about the same result. Also cleaned heatsink and all that crap. Anything you can think of ?

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  1. Did you put it on too thick?
  2. Go to either the swiftech or danger den website and they have complete instructions....
  3. ill check there sites i suppose, nah it shouldnt be on too thick, i can always clean damn thing off, and try a little less, not like it will hurt anything

    also what am i supposed to be looking for on those sites? Im not using water cooling and all i was seeing was how to mount the wateblocks.

    Right now im using a older coolermaster heatsink, copper core. supposivley rated for xp3200
  4. Hows the condition of the fan? If the fan is old, perhaps its not pushing the same CFM to get it down.

    Perhaps just replacing the fan might help.
  5. Since all you changed was the paste it's probably just on too thick. Should be a really thin layer to help fill in the gaps between the two surfaces, no more.
  6. well i did redo the thermal paste one last time, it did lower temp to 38 instead of 42 but i installed MBM 5 and it says its running at 32.

    I used alot less this time did seem to help. So ill just avg the two and say runnen around 35 which is good enough for me.

    anyway thanks for help.
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