New semi-budget gaming rig
Top to bottom:
Processor, AMD San Diego 3700+ (OEM, no cooler)
Cooler for the processor
Raptor HD - for windows & games
Main storage HD - 250 gig
Cooler for my vid card (overclocking/silence)
Vid card (nice compromise for money/power?)
DVD Burner/reader
2 gig ram (2x 1gig)
assembly (I'm lazy) + 1 year guaranty
Total: 922 Euro = 1156 dollar

Some points:
-> I'm a gamer, not really hardcore (about 3 hours a day max mostly). So I don't need teh uber graphics. FPS > looks in my book.
-> How much does the single raptor help? If I put my games/windows on that thing.
-> I haven't got a case yet, any reccomendations? Looks < silence < price (I want a cheap one, if possible silent, and it doesn't matter if it's butt-ugly).
What kind of power supply would I need? 350W?
-> Max budget: 1000 euros / 1250 dollar.

I have this selected. Is this a good config? What would you change/add/remove?

If the store is expensive, doesn't matter, I'm just looking for parts atm, I'll look for best prices later.

Note: already have dual 17" crt's and a proper, stained, 10 year old keyboard. :P My mouse needs replacement because all the dirt is clogging the wheel up. I also have sound taken care of (amp etcetera).
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  1. Dosnt look to bad
    But ... hehe ;)
    I would prob go for a nvidia 7600GS I have found several with passive cooling from the start (if sound is the thing) if u want more power then the 7600 GT or 7900 is the way to go (or ATI 1800GTO)
    Stay with the onboard cooling for the GFX but get the Arctic freezer 64 Pro instead for the CPU (very nice and quite cooler).

    A 350W might be enugh but go for a 450-500W one atleast and a brand name one to (the quing Tjoong 550W is prob no better then a 350 good one)
    It is way too expensive compared to the performance gains just get another 250GB Drive.
    Go for a better graphic card with the money you save from no getting the Raptor.
    You can probably even get a 7900GT with the price difference!
  3. I agree with what has already been said: Drop the Raptor, get a better video card (7600GT), and a good PSU. And get the all copper graphics card cooler. And switch the CPU cooler to something else. And don't forget Arctic Silver; the thermal grease that comes with the HS/F will probably be crap.
  4. Passivly cooled GFX:
    Asus EN7600GT SILENT /2DHT, 256 MB, DDR3, PCI Express x16
    € 199,92

    Same motherboard:
    Asus A8N5X
    € 66,66

    Same HD (no raptor!)
    Western Digital Caviar SE16, 250 GB, 7200 rpm, 16 MB, Serial ATA300
    € 82,56

    Same Proc.
    AMD Athlon 64 San Diego, 3700+, Socket 939, OEM
    € 178,95

    Somewhat faster memory:
    Kingston KVR667D2N5K2/2G, 2048 MB, DDR2, PC5300, 667 MHz, 2 x
    € 180,39

    Other cooler:
    Arctic Freezer 64 Pro
    € 15,28

    DVD burner:
    Lite On SHW-16H5S-01C, ATAPI/E-IDE, Black, OEM
    € 32,73

    Case with 450W power supply:
    Antec Sonata II, Black
    € 92,30

    Assemble CPU+Cooler
    € 5,00

    New total € 853,79

    Seems good to me :-) any other comments? Thanks already guys.
  5. Not bad- except look at the A8N-E instead, gives gains you SATA II and the NF4 Ultra chipset. Other than that- good build.
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