New Build -- No video or anything HELP please

Intel D975XBX motherboard
D940 3.2 Gig Processor
OCZ Gold macthed pair of DDR2-667 4-4-4-12 memory
Hyper-R 580W PSU
2 WD250 Gig SATAII drives
Gigabyte 7600GT 256 meg Silentpipe II
Gigabyte 3D auroa case

Everything installed fine and used Artic Silver 5. I power on and all the fans work including CPU fan. HD are clicking like there are trying to access the tracks. I get nothing on my monitor and I get no error beeps from the motherboard. I have reseated memory twice. Pulled one stick and rebooted. Reseated 7600 GT three times and tried it in second PCI slot. Pulled cleaned and reinstalled CPU. I'm at a loss, especially with no error beeps cominf from the motherboard. Would love some suggestions.
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More about build video please
  1. start reseating EVERYTHING. All cables, cards, power connectors.... etc. If everything is seated properly and it's still not working, it's likely that you either have a bad power supply, or a bad motherboard.
  2. yeah possibly not enough power or a fualty psu.
    if not psu maybe m/b
  3. Thanks all for the advise.

    I have disconnected and reattached all connectors three times and rebooted each time. No Change. Removed SATA connectors and rebooted. No Change. No error beeps. Removed video card and reconnected drives and rebooted. No Change and NO error beeps. Removed memory and reattached video card and rebooted. Got the correct error code beeps from the motherboard. My best guess is that I have received a bad video card from Gigabyte and thats why I am not getting anything to the monitor.
  4. are you sure that u plugged in the power at the back of the graphics card( ive seen several ppl not plug in and think there card is broken)
  5. Have u plugged the monitor into the seconary rather than the primary dvi port? that could be an issue
  6. I have tried both DVI ports with no luck. The manual recommends the lower port for single DVI to Sub9 converter. I just bought another PCI express card to test to see if it is actually the video card. Will update this post after I test.
  7. Or try an old PCI video card. Or use the onboard video if this board has it. That will tell if you have a DOA video card.
  8. I went and bought another PCI express video card and I get the same results. No video. So now I have to determine if its the motherboard or the power supply. I can't afford to go buy more parts to determine the problem. So any help would be appreciated.
  9. The only thing i can say is you need to find someone you know with a system that can fit your parts and will let you do this...start swap'n parts in and out and narrow it down for sure. If you have el cheapo PSU my bet is on that. Ive seen those go over and under voltage or just up and die like none other. If you have a volt meter, check out each rail and see what they are at.
  10. Also note....

    Try removing all the parts you dont need to boot. Just try a mobo, cpu and psu. Then add ram... then add vid.

    If the mobo and cpu and psu beep, then they are fine, the board is saying "yo, toss in some ram"
    But if your not getting any beeps, then you may want to do something about that board. Dont for get to add your speaker if you have one from the case.

    Good LUCK and happy hunting.
  11. I did that already. MB, CPU, and PSU. Get the usual error beeps from the motherboard. I add memory. no error beeps. I add error beeps and no video.
  12. a quick check for ps disconnect everything form the power supply and mb but the processer and fan / one stick of ram / and the video card and see if will post.

    for the mb iremove the ram and try to boot you should get an error usually two beeps. no error = bad mb or proceesor
  13. Quote:
    I did that already. MB, CPU, and PSU. Get the usual error beeps from the motherboard. I add memory. no error beeps. I add error beeps and no video.

    No beeps as in none at all? or is there 1 short beep saying it's posting?
  14. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? If you have your case power and HD activity LEDS hooked up, do they appear to be working?

    Also, kind of obvious, but you are *positive* that the monitor is working, right? ;)
  15. monitor works fine connected to other computer. All lights, HD, POwer, fans, motherboard standby LED are working. CMOS cleared yesterday with no effect.
  16. You may want to try replacing your memory modules. You commented above how you removed the memory cards and left the video card and the board gave you the proper beep codes. But when you placed the memory in and removed the video card you did not get any beeps. You should have received a beep code from the Mobo for not having a video card. Try new memory modules. Good luck.
  17. mandark357, you were correct. I went and bought a cheap stick of DDR2 memory and removed the expensive memory. The system booted fine and my video is working on the moitor. Good call mandark357. It sucks that the real expensive memory is bad right out of the package. Maybe I should get Crucial instead of OCZ.
  18. Christ why does everyone have one bad experience then say that everything that particular manufacturer makes is crap....

    How many times have you built a computer? EVERYONE has quality issues... because NO ONE is perfect all the time.
  19. I've built enough computers to know to take a chance on any manufacturer. I don't buy parts willy nilly, only after careful research and reading reviews from fellow geeks like you. When a company states, "All OCZ Technology memory modules have been thoroughly tested and, when shipped, are free of defects in material and workmanship." I liked to take their word for it. When you buy online instead of at a brick and mortar storefront nearby, you don't have the convenience of a quick fix take it back down the road, therefore I like my products to be defect free. I will get OCZ replacements because that’s what I ordered and was my first choice. Crucial was my second choice. True, I maybe impatient, but with all the competition out there I can afford to be. Besides I like OCZ’s lifetime warranty, so we’ll see what happens with the replacements.
  20. You're welcome. It just seemed weird that nobody caught on to that. Good luck with the rest of your build. BTW, I've always had luck with Patriot memory modules. Not as fast as the rest but reliable as heck.
  21. ASUS has had alot of fan and cap problems for over a year.
    Looks like you got a bad MB.

    Go DFI next time.
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