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I can't seem to get this device to work. How can I get into the bridge to adjust settings? doesn't work. If i plug (hard wire) into the Wireless G router (linksys) no problem, trying using the Bridge and no network connection.
Tried the WET54G in Obtain IP automatically, still no workie. I am running in AdHoc mode.
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  1. Figured out the solution:
    1. Expanded DHCP IP addressing scheme (default is 50 starting at .100)
    2. Set transfer speed to "Auto" ON BOTH router & bridge (cleared UP ALL sporadic speed issues and gave 99-100% line quality)
    3. Set to Infrastructure mode NOT AdHoc mode.

    All is good now. Item 2 above was critical to getting solid, reliable, consistant performance.
  2. Thanks for posting solution. Good Info.

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