Help to Recover RAID 0+1

I have a HP DL580 G3 Server. It has two 72.8 GB Ultra320 SCSI 15K.
By default automatically both are configured in a RAID 0+1 . But now one hard disk I just removed and after a while a put in again into the bay..
But machine is showing 2nd hard disk is missing from array and array is in interim recovery mode.
How can I solve this problem?In other words how can I recover an RAID 0+1 after failure on HP DL580 G3 Server?
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  1. How can you have RAID 0+1 with only 2 drives?

    I really dont think that is possible

    as for fixing the problem, you might have to rebuild the array, its not the best answer but it will most likely work if you have all the needed OS disks and recovery discs and anything else you need to reinstall everything.

    otherwise check if there is any type of instructions incase of a harddrive failure, should be somewere in the manual or helpfiles for the raid controller.

    Good luck.
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