AMD temp.?????

When i over clock my Temperyure moves from 45C to 63C , But only when i'm in a game ???? My Question is how hot can my CPU go Without me hurting it ??? can i go to 68 to 70C????I have a AMD 4000+ Athlon???

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  1. WOAH stop what your doing immediatly!!!! Thoose temps are wayy too high!!!!! Your load should be wayy under 60C man 70C is when your cpu will start taking damage STAY FAR AWAY FROM THERE!!
  2. Just want to mention right now i'm at 2.666Ghz with an athlon 3800+ am2 and my load is between 48C and 53C your temps are crazy man. Get some better cooling re-apply your grease and ventilate your case.
  3. Ditto what is being said already.
    As an indication my 3000 Venice's MAX temperature is 65C as defined by AMD.
    It is currently overclocked (9 x 200 to 9 x 279) idles at about 30 with a max temperature of 47C. If mine ever reached 50C i would throttle it back as to me even 50 is too high.
    My friend with a X2 4200 see's low 40's at stock speeds.

    Whats the case, number of fans, size and have you checked your bios to see if your voltages are too high ?
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