Inexpensive Laptop Wanted for Wife

Wife's laptop finally went Ka-Put and I need to buy her a new one.
I know this is for home-built, but this is the closes forum I could find.

I would like to get SLIGHTLY upgraded graphics - I.E., no built-in Intel graphics.

How well do the ATI 1300/1400 work?
What are some of the other good low-end graphic cards?

Is there someone besides HP or Dell that you would recommend looking at? (Yes Dell, They are cheap :>)
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  1. HPs are definitely quality laptops for good prices. I customized one for a girlfriend last year and she hasn't been disappointed.

    Myself, I was looking for a gaming laptop, so I went the Gateway route. Unforunately, Gateway uses cheap components in their notebooks and I've suffered quite a few head-aches with this thing over time. Dell is good as well, but I've had no personal experience with that company.

    Best question I could ask now, what's your budget?
  2. I "WANT" to spend about $1000 or maybe a little less.
    But I can spend what I need to spend to get what she wants.
    A happy wife is a happy husband :>

    I don't need a really fast CPU, but dont want to do any celeron variation.
    I don't need high-end GPU, but I would like a minor upgrade.
    I would like a RW DVD so she can save her digital pics.

    15.4" is probably a good size for ease of typing.
    17" tend to be too big and bulky for her.

    (The Bigger, Heavier, Hotter, the better for me :>>>>)

    It will not be used for a lot of gaming/fast 1st person action games, but I could envision her wanting to play MYST or something like that. Primarily it will be used for Y! games and managing digital pics.
  3. Cyberpower has an AMD laptop for $989. If you can manage a bit more, they have a few in the $1100-$1200 range.

    Good thought, "A happy wife is a happy husband". Keep her happy.
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