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UMTS network can be either ATM cell or IP based network. Assume that,
there is an UMTS network which is full of ATM cell based. Now, for the
communication between this UMTS network(which is a Packet switching
network) and the IP network, is it necessary to have a
media(&signalling) gateway in between these networks? If yes/no, why?
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.voice-over-ip (More info?)

    Could anybody clarify this? Thanks!
  2. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.voice-over-ip (More info?)

    YOu need a router that convert UMTS/ATM to IP.For example you know the
    router ADSL they convert with an ADSL modem the protocoll IPover ATM o
    PPP over ATM to IP/Ethernet. I think you need the same thing but with
    UMTS instead of ADSL.

  3. For data you need a ATM/IP router configured between SGSN and RNC. And for voice you need a MGW between MSS and RCN.
    Finally between RCN and SDH network you need ATM concentrator

  4. Until recently UMTS MSC had limitted ATM connectivity so TDMA T1/E1's were needed to communicate with the RNC's. (same as BSC/GSM) Media Gateway became necessary when the same MSC's had to connect to RNC's that offered more capacity on ATM than via Circuit Switched T1/E1's.
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