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Hello there gang,
I never overclocked a CPU before. I just put together a nice system.
Amd 3700+ 939 2.2Ghz with a Asus A8v with a Big Typhoon 120mm fan. Could some one give me the step by step inst. on how to overclock the system.
I heard it can be over clocked and be stable at 2.87Ghz! Hope some one can help:)
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  1. Thanks for the link, it is real good. I downloaded Genclock and was able to get 2.75G out of the xp3700+ 939. I have a feeling I can do better though if I new how and which item on which menu to change inorder to tweek it a little; also what is the fastest memory IO can us e on my MOBO. Right now I got the FSB down but still have a long way to go. I guess as far as Bios is concerened I never got into it. Anyhow, I thank you again Redline24.
  2. Well, 2.75 is pretty good but it wont go much higher, if at all.
  3. Quote:
    Well, 2.75 is pretty good but it wont go much higher, if at all.

    My friend somehow O/C'ed his 3700 S939 to around 4ghz on air. It was kind of stable, not to mention he has like 8 fans in his case.

  4. Hey Nomad,

    I just did my 1st overclock too,but I read the best overclocking is done through the bios.Check out this guide it was easier to understand...for me that is.


    Also check out my post to see the things I went through and the questions I need answered.
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