OC 3800+ X2 AM2, how far can you clock?

my uncle can clock his to 2.5 using a 939.
I want to know if i can clock it to 2.7 with CNPS9500 AM2 and Asus MOBO, do you think it possible with a fan without getting too much heat?
and im using a lian-li 60plussII case.
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  1. Possible, but you'll have to start feeding it some extra voltage.
  2. people on Newegg are claiming 2.9


    what kind of memory are you using ?
  3. I am using
    but that is not a dual core mine is X2
    My voltage is 600W Ernemax
    how cool does the cpu need to be for it to be stable?
  4. Mine does 2.9 24/7
  5. what kind of cooler do you use? liquid or fan/heatsink?
  6. It's a Swiftech Peltier water cooled by an exos 2
  7. Yeah i dont think i can get that high with a fan/heatsink. I think 2.6-2.7 is max with the heat that is still around
    thx though
  8. As long as you keep the load temps under 50c you should be fine to push the voltages a little. On straight water I could get 2850 (same volts) at that load temp. so with a good chip quality air or water should do fine.
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