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Nvidia nforce4 series drivers FOR WINDOWS 7

Where would I find the Nvidia nForce4 Series drivers for my A8NE motherboard
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  1. If you can find Windows 7 drivers then use the Vista one... they work perfectly ok
  2. Shouldnt need it with Windows 7 anyhow - updates pick up 99% of drivers (unless you dont have internet connection because of it etc)
  3. yeah thats my problem i have no internet connection cause i have not the internet drivers where can i find them ??can someone help me please??
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    Vista Ethernet drivers in these driver packages should work. I still use several systems using the NF4 chipset and thee ethernet drivers worked for me when using Windows 7 64.

    Vista 32 NF4 drivers.

    Vista 64 NF4 drivers.
  5. thank you ... you saved my pc........ vista drivers works fine.... i love this site
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