need quick help:pc wont post

I've got an old pc amd wanted to know whats not working so i can replace it( i alresdy have a REAL pc just wanna give this one to charity :D ), problem is when i turn it on the monitor stays black and it just makes a constant short beep, I tried to google it for the last hour with no results.

maeby somebody can help me determin whats wrong, somebody with more resources or more luck with google!

my bios is:
phoenix bios d686
year 1998

dont know the chipset but the board has Via written all over it :? .
HELP PLS!! :cry:
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  1. could be ram or video. ram is usuallt 2 short beep and repeat. is the video onboard or add in card?
    if it's add in take it out and see if the error changes.
    if it does put it back and pull the ram if the error is the same without the ram and you have more than stick try them one at a time. if neither stops the error. disconnect all of drives with one stick and the vid card installed and see if you can post . if none of this works see if you can try the ram and vid card in another comp.
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