NEW ATI 1950xt/xtx gpu's info released

I found new info on the new gpus that ait will be releasing, will this mean that the dx10 gpu release will be postponed? btw when will the dx10 gpus come out (monthwise)?

"R580+ becomes Radeon X1950XTX

ATI DECIDED what to call its upcoming R580+ chip. The company has dubbed it the Radeon X1950 XTX, or XT, depending on the variation.
ATI didn't have many more numbers left and it wanted to keep the XTX and XT sub-brands alive. And it figured that X1990 would be too complicated.

This is rather evolution than a revolution, just slightly faster and that's it. The faster one, Radeon X1950XTX is set to replace the current-fastest ATI Radeon X1900 XTX while the new Radeon X1950XT aims to replace X1900XT cards.

We still don’t know about the clock speeds but we know that the new cards comes with GDDR 4 memory. They are set to be released at some point in September/October timeframe"
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  1. More info:

    "ATI'S RADEON 'X1950XT'
    The line-up consists of three models: two Hellfires and a Gemini. Hellfire-1 will be probably marked as the X1950XT"
    taken from the inquirer
  2. Link???

    BTW, you're becoming 9-inch of ATI.
  3. its on the inquirer's site(lol forgot to type that in in the first post), lol im into ati's gpu's just because i wanted to get their 1900xt card or most probably the dx10 that theyll release (im planing to build a new rig, and to be honest im becoming a bit unpatient , and cant wait for the last part-the R600 to come out)
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