PCI-X 533?

Does anybody know if any current mobo's support PCI-X 533 and what exactly is it? Is it basically like a quad-pumpedversion of PCI-X 133?
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  1. toms explains pci-x PCI-X vs. PCI-express PCI=X, PCI and PCI=E I only browsed this quick, but I believe it will help you see.. PCI-X is a standard different from PCI-express..It seems that the throughput on the pci-x is equivelant to an AGPx2. The difference is it's 64bit capable at 66mhz offering 533MB/s and is downward compatable with all pci cards. PCI-express is much faster
  2. Cool, well I did know that PCI-X and PCI-E were different, but I just didn't know if any of today's motherboards support it.
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