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Management wants to start printing payroll checks on a laser printer. I
can get single-sheet check stock either plain (the printer prints
everything) or pre-printed with background and logo (the laser printer
fills in the blanks). I may need a printer with two cartridges: one for
MICR and the other to print standard text and graphics, including the
signature on the check.

Anyone already have experience with this? What brand, model, and
features should I look for in such a laser printer? What are the
pitfalls to avoid?
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

    You want to only look at HP laser printers. If you want to save some
    money, get an older HP4/4+/5. You can pick up a refurbished one for
    $100-$200. You can buy MICR cartridges for it pretty cheap if you get
    remanufactured ones. The only thing you really need MICR is so the bank
    can read the account number info printed on the bottom. Nothing else on
    the check is readable electronically.
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