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Speaker Phone - which one?

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October 21, 2004 3:27:17 PM

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Which phone offered by Cingular has the best Speaker Phone capability?

Jack Mac

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October 21, 2004 7:56:19 PM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?)

"Jack Mac" <> wrote in message
> Which phone offered by Cingular has the best Speaker Phone capability?
> Jack Mac

You may be unhappy with speakerphones on full-duplex phones, because they
must remain fairly low-volume or there is a risk of feedback.

The push-to-talk models, like those used on Nextel, do not have that
problem, because the audio is not being heard in real-time (there is about a
3-second delay from the time the speech reaches the other end). Also, I
believe those phones are engineered to cut off the microphone whenever an
incoming push-to-talk audio feed comes in.

I have a Panasonic Versio (I believe it is available only for the AT&T
Wireless network) with a speakerphone, and it is fine in quiet environments,
but it is not very good in a moving car, or on a noisy job site, because the
sound volume can go only so high.

The advantage is that one does not have to push a button, as on a
half-duplex system. It is hard to carry on a conversation when each side
has to endure a PTT scenario.

Also, the PTT from Nextel allows one to send the same audio feed to as many
as 25 recipients simultaneously (at least, that is what their advertising
said). Great for work crews or dispatching situations, but no big advantage
to business or family users that do not need to speak to more than one

And, of course, to speak to GROUPS on Nextel, they must all have Nextel
phones, at about $59.95 per month each. I pay only $29.95--half of Nextel's
rate--to AT&T, and I have unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Each member
of my family has a Panasonic speakerphone--and we get almost the same
walkie-talkie experience as do Nextel customers, at half the price.

But, if you really need loud speakerphones, you may be disappointed with any
but push-to-talk models, and I don't believe that Cingular offers PTT.
Sprint, Verizon and Nextel do.