Request for opinion about X2 3800+ vs Conroe 1.86 GHz


I am from india.

I am in confusion over whether to wait for CONROE or buy a 939 CPU right now.

I have to build my system right now and I will be buying a cheap 939 3000+.
I am planning to buy X2 939 3800+ after price fall because I can't wait for CONROE as it will take almost 4-5 months for the CONROE to come to india.

I would like to know.

1. Will 3800+ be way too slower than the basic CONROE 1.86 GHz?
2. Will the price of 3800+ be same as CONROE?
3. Considering that I need to build my system right now I want to know what are my options. The 965 chipset based motherboards are not available here, and none of the m/b available here support CONROE in future.
4. My work is mainly office applications, vc++ development, some heavy multitasking and occasional gaming.
5. Am I locking into DDR-400, and 939 based CPUs by going for 939 based cpu core?

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  1. dont know about the conroe.

    but i have the x2 3800+ CPU, which i overclocked to be like AMD 4600+ [2.4Ghz] on stock cooling, and it's a very powerful CPU, i'm very happy with it, can handle anything I throw at it :)

    - Tomer
  2. Well, if it takes so long for Conroe to come to India, it doesnt make sense to wait for it.
  3. The other alternative is to buy a Conroe compatible motherboard now with an 805D then swap the chips over in 6 months time when you can get a Conroe.

    I know a lot of people on here are geting very excited about Conroe, but it's just a CPU it's not going to do anything radically new from the end user perspective just be quicker than what we've had before.
  4. If all you are doing is visual C++, office and some office apps then the X2 3800 really should be fine. I would try to buy a used socket 939 for now because the price cuts on the X2 cpu's are coming at the end of this month and are expected to be about 46 percent on the X2 3800. Thats going to put it somewhere around 160 dollars. There are some benchmarks here on Toms hardware pertaining to Conroe if you want to dig them up, they were able to benchmark it during Computex if I am correct. If you have to wait for a long time to even get a board that will support Conroe and you already have a socket 939 board then it would not make much sense to wait especially since you have to build it right now.
  5. Since you have buy right now (I assume you mean in the coming month with the AMD price drop), the performance choice would be AMD cpus.

    But dont forget, I believe Intel is also bring down their price again sometime soon as well so I am not too sure if the Pentium D (9xx series) is the same or cheaper than 3800 x 2 when the price drop happens!

    Anyway, 3800 x 2 is a good CPU, lots of people been reporting healthy performance, good overclock on stock heatsink and good stability!!!

    You cant go wrong with a 3800 x 2 if you must buy right now........
  6. no.... this is July already and from what I understand the AMD price cuts are supposed to be on the 24th of this month which is the day after Conroe comes out. Intel has already started many of their price cuts even on dual cores from what I have seen.
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