Question about system temps

machine 1:
standard case
stock cooler
cpu pentium d 940
motherboard asus p5nd2 sli
stock psu

machine 2:
thermaltake shark case
zalman 7700 alcu cooler
cpu pentium d 940
motherboard asus p5wd2
lc power green power 560w psu

The problem is that machine2 reports cpu temps of 42º in idle, and the machine1 reports 35º.

Does anyone haves an explanation for this? The cpu has been changed, to see if it was the problem, because with the other d940 the temp was 50º.

I'm betting that the problem is on the MB, what do you say about trading my P5WD2 for the P5ND2?? the 1st has a intel 955 and the second has a nvidia nforce4.

Thanks for helping.
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  1. I was going to add a new thread but this one seems ideal. Unfortunatly I don't have an answer to your question but a question of my own regarding system temps.

    I've just bought an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe (Don't buy an ANTEC power supply if you buy this board it doesn't work by the way!). When I installed the Probe software it reported a temp fluctuating between 46 degrees to 50 on the MB when idling. I've checked this in the BIOS and it'd shown there too.

    It appears to be the intel ICH7R chip that causing the heat. Is this normal?
    Any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. There's just a lot of variability between boards on temp readings. I really believe some board manufacturers artifically suppress the readings so people feel better about their rigs. My Pentium D 805 shows as my coolest running Pentium, even overclocked - I don't really believe that's true! But that's what my readings say.

    Your difference really isn't all that great and I would say within the error margins for measuring these temps. I really wouldn't consider one better than the other.
  3. Double posting is bad.

    I don't think it's a big deal and certainly wouldn't expend any energy worrying about it. It's not like it's a 20 degree difference. A simple 10% tolerance could explain that much variation.

    Besides, they aren't exactly the same case or motheboard so you can not compare them.
  4. That's interesting; Having 2 identical CPU on two different boards gives different reading.

    1) Try downloading PC Wizard 2006 and use the temp. Monitor.
    2) Is the thermal compound uses on both CPUs are the same?
    3) Compare how much RPM on both fans.
    4) Compare CPU voltage between the two.
    5) Maybe a bios update on both boards will give you solution.
    6) Base on my experience sometimes power supply can cause the hardware to increases the temperature. Unless the motherboard capacitor has a defect on them, or maybe just the temp sensor.

    If all of the above mention does not fix the situation then wait till someone has more advice, or call ASUS and ask for more info.

    If you can find another away to test the CPU temperature and not the board sensor that might help you narrow the issue. From what I know the difference between two CPUs on different board would be around 1 degree. Depending on CPU loads of course.
  5. I was going to mention the Heatsink and Fan on my post but I recon that if he put the system together he would have known about it. I didn’t know about LGA-775 socket issue though.
    Thanks SupremeLaw something I learned from this post.
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