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Hi everyone--

I've recently put together a new machine--a Pentium D940 w/an Intel D975 mobo in an Antec Sonata case.

When I turn on the machine, the CPU temperature immediate reaches 70C--as in, by the time Windows has booted, the Intel Active Monitor is warning me my CPU is overheating. I thought it might be the stock CPU fan, so I replaced it with a Cooler Master unit.

Unfortunately, even with the new fan the temperature still starts out at 70C and reaches into the 80s under load.

Everything should be running at standard speed; I'm not overclocking. The other temperatures in the box are fine (40s).

Does anyone out there have any tips for what could be wrong? I'm a bit flummoxed.


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  1. I have seen some bad 940's. However, more commonly there are motherboards out there that claim to support Pentium D's and do NOT cover Preslers. That is all I got.
  2. Hey Zoy,
    One thing you did NOT mention was that if you built it YOURSELF. If you did or a friend did, what type of thermal paste did you use?
    Another question is the heatsink seated properly?
    If one uses TOO much thermal paste, it can have an opposite effect on the cooling capacity.
    The other thing is instead of relying on this Intel whatever thing, go into the bios and look at the "Hardware" monitor to see what the MOTHERBOARD says it is.....not this utility.
    If your still stumped post your mobo results and we'll see whats up K?
  3. Hi Mike--

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did build the machine myself, and I used Artic Silver thermal paste. I was careful not to apply too much paste.

    I think the heat sink (as in, the copper/fan unit that sits on top of the processor) is seated properly. Since I tried it with two different units I think I would have gotten at least one of them right--or at least installed it differently, but the temperatures were the same with the stock heat sink and the Cooler Master one. But I can try that again.

    Is there something besides the heat sink seating that could mess things up? Should I re-install the processor in case something's wrong there?

    I looked at the BIOS temperatures--they were worse, like 85C. Yikes!

    - z
  4. are you using 2 case fans, one in the front for intake and then one in rear of the case for the exhaust.
  5. There's only one case fan, in the back, but the other temperature sensors are OK (35-40C). I think the problem is something with the CPU/heatsink.
  6. i'd bet the heatsink isnt seated right.i've put together 2 systems with the new style heatsink and they both acted up at first and i had to re-install them to get good contact and cooler temps
  7. Hmm, you haven't stated if you plugged in the CPU HSF to a power source. So I have to ask the obvious questions, did you and did you make very sure that there is absolutely no gap between the bottom of the HSF and the CPU? I remember I had to take my CPU HSF fan off to install something and I was lazy and half-assed put it back on and my computer was restarting for no apparent reason until I stumbled into BIOS and saw the temps and reseated the HSF and all was all. Damn heat. :evil:

    Also, I believe when your computer is booting up, it is going to be running at all speed because there is no throttle back like Windows has, therefore, it is going to be scorching until Windows tells it "whoa, down Seabiscuit!"

    Just submerged your computer into liquid nitrogen -- problem solved. :twisted:
  8. Hey Zoy,
    DUUUUDe ya gotta get more fans.....ONE fan just won't cut it. I can tell you right now that you need to MOVE that hot air OUT of the case.... and the one at the back cannot move enough of it.
    Ideally, if you have one 12cm fan at the front that runs over the hdd's, it will blow over the vid cards and out the back.
    I know that may not seem to solve your present problem but the "ONE" case fan is a problem that needs to be resolved ASAP.
    I tell ya I would not keep runnin the puter until you get a few more fans in there.
    Can your case handle 12 cm fans? If so get the type that have speed settings (low med, high).
    One thing you SHOULD do is leave the case open and watch the fan when you fire it up. If it has a temp sensor, it should have that cpu fan SCREEEEMIN to cool it down.
    Also give your case LOTS of room ta breath.

    Sorry but I forgot to ask a very obvious question.....have you checked your bios to see if you have more than 1 hardware monitor utility running?
    I have AMD and with AMD there is AMD cool n Quite and my ASUS mobo has Smart Monitor. I have both turned off personally but make sure you don't have more than one on ok? Send me another post and let me know what happens ok? I'm up till 10 pm or so ok?
  9. The heatsink is plugged in (and the fan is spinning) but I didn't double-triple-quadruple check that there's no daylight between the heatsink and the processor.

    I'll need to take apart the box and re-install the fan; it's a bit of a chore I wanted to make sure I'd thought of everything before doing it again.

    The temperatures do stay hot as long as the machine is on... it isn't a temporary thing.

    I like the liquid nitrogen idea...

    Thanks for all your help, guys. Please let me know if you think of anything else.

    - z
  10. Zoy,
    It sounds as if your not 100 % sure of the heatsink seat. Just another thought... did you install the cpu with the mob ALREADY INSIDE the case? If you did, then there is no way you can be sure of a proper seat with the cpu.
    Just to be on the safe side, haul the mobo out of the case, CAREFULLY remove the heatsink, CLEAN IT THOROUGHLY with isopropl alcohol, make sure you do the same with the cpu and then re seat it.
    Now if all that does not work., then maybe it's time to take it to the pros to look at. Lemme know what you do K?
  11. i agree with paybax about the 2 fans.i have the sonata case (original one) and i put a coolermaster fans that had better specs at rear and the original fan at front by hard drives and it helped cool my first system with p 4 northwood down a few degrees. i still use this case with my current setup
  12. Hey Zoy
    I tell ya there is nothing that will kill a rig faster than an overheating problem or an improperly seated heatsink.

    My system specs
    Antec P180 PerformanceSeries mid-Tower
    Asus A8N32 SLI mobo (bios version 1103 V02.58)
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo Core, 2 X 1mb L2 cache (amd drivers w/MS hotfix)
    2 gigs of Corsair TwinX3500LL Pro @ 437Mhz 2-3-2-6-1T
    2- BFG 7900 GT OC 256mg in SLI (nvidia driver version 84.21)
    Western Digital RAPTOR 74.3 gig 10-K rpm HDD for XP & apps
    Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for gaming, movies, MP3's
    Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for document backup (unplugged)
    52 X sony cd rom
    Plextor 708A DVD/cd rom
    SeaSonic S12 600 watt power supply
    Logitech Z 5500 digital 5.1 THX Surround 500watts
    RealTek 97 onboard digital sound
  13. hey man, you stated that you're using the intel 975 board right? this is the new one with the blue heat sinks that look like flames? 975xbx or whatever? if it is you need to make sure you're using the bios that was done on june 20th, and there is a setting in the bios under boot options or something like that, you need to disable the fan speed control. i'm using the 975xbx and a D940 and i've got the big zalman deal and my computer was doing idle at like 65c so after some digging intel has their version of cool and quit on by default. turn it off and my temps went down to around 40 idle, yours should go down also. and everyone else is right man you need more fans or at least some sort of hard drive cooler or something to keep things inside coooooooool.
  14. Yuppers Bean is right about the cool n quiet. I think the problem lies in the utilitie's ability to speed up the fans when they need em most..... :roll: in other words .... DISABLE THAT MOFO !!!! AMD also has a similar utility and it's no good. It was also causing heat issues.

    I like to add cool air to my rig WHEN I want and HOW I want. If your rig can handle the mounts, put a few 120cm tri-speed fans in there.. They move 2 X the CFM than the 80cm do and they are much quieter.

    Interesting about what Bean said about the Intel utility doing the same thing as my AMD COOL N Quiet " utility.

    Hope this helps Zoy..... HAPPY GAMING BRO !!!!!! :D
  15. feel the temp. of the HSF - general tip - if its too hot to keep your fingers on, ITS TOO HOT (60*+)

    so is it really hot?

    and what motherboard do you have?

    and BTW intel recomends your case be 38*c or below for anything higher then northwood, and does your case have a side pannel duct or fan? if not get a new case.
  16. What is the PSU rating? When we started building the latest P4's we found underated PSU,s were causing the CPU's to overheat big time.
    We Updated to a 400watts at least. Anything under that will cause overheating! 8O
  17. maybe he is using an x1900xt with the stock fan.

    x1900xt with stock fan = space heater :lol:

    i thought that the sonata came with one of their smartpower 450w or something. i might be thinking of a different antec case though.
  18. The sonata does come with a 450w psu so no issues there.

    Not sure what could be the problem here but get those temps down regardless of what you need to do.

    As to fans, there are two included with the Sonata, one is behind the bottom portion of the front, you can't see it but it's there. As long as you actualy plugged in the 4 pin molex that was coming from the front of the case into a power connector you are ok.
  19. hey man, maybe you'd just have better luck with something like the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro. i've got one of those running in my HTPC (keeps around 48c-55c just watch movies and tv with pc though running windows mce2005)and for under $30 it does a way better job than oem. it sounds like your coolermaster one isn't working that great check that out if you want to, otherwise maybe more case fans.
  20. Beandip--thanks for the tip about the BIOS setting. I did switch that and it improved the temperature--some. I'm now running like 65C. Still no good.

    I also took out the ducting over the CPU (the big plastic thing that came with the Sonata) and that dropped the temperature another 2 degrees. I've got another 120mm fan coming, so I'll put that in the front when I get it.

    I haven't yet taken apart the machine to reseat the heatsink. I need to take out the motherboard to do it, and I just haven't had the time to get that initimate with the machine again. (I've been working too much...)

    Thanks for all your help, guys. It's really great that you're all so willing to give me advice. I'll post an update when I've got the new fan.

  21. Hi everyone--

    I added another 120MM fan to the front of my machine, and I took apart the case/motherboard to re-install the heatsink. I double checked that the heatsink was tight on the processor--no gap, good contact. When I booted it back up... I still had the heat problem. On idle, it sticks around 70C.

    I guess I should try another heatsink?

  22. Can you see that the white plastic tips of the hs mount are all the way through the MB holes? I, too, have found this mounting scheme very easy to get 85% installed without noticing it.
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