Unable to boot to Windows 7

I know I did this to myself, but I need help fixing the problem.

I had just finished upgrading my computer to Windows 7 using a multi-computer upgrade disc. Windows 7 was running just fine. However when I booted up I had to choose from " Windows XP Media Edition setup" and "Windows 7". I found this annoying since I didn't have Windows XP anymore. So I went in search of a way to delete that option, like boot.ini. But found out Windows 7 no longer has boot.ini.
I did find where I could uncheck the box that shows the boot choice for 30 seconds, and where I selected Windows 7 as my default system.
I then rebooted to see if this worked and of course it tried to go to Windows XP which isn't on the computer anymore and just tells me it can't find a system.
It no longer pops up with the choice of operating systems, I can't do anything.
I tried booting from the upgrade disc, of course that doesn't work. I then made a recovery disc from my laptop that I had loaded Windows 7 on earlier.
The computer doesn't recognise the disc (DVD) as it tries to boot.

Here is what I have tried so far:

I made a system recovery disc from my laptop, the desktop does not recognize it. I have the bios boot from the cd/dvd rom, no luck.

I tried using my copy of windows xp media edition, no luck.

I tried using my Windows Vista recovery disc, no luck.

I tried using an image disc, no luck.

My computer does not give me an option to use a USB drive.

F5 and F8 don't allow me to get to safe mode. All it gives me is a choice of boot devices. None of which work.

It still just trys to load the old Windows XP Media edition, and won't give me the option of selecting Windows 7 which is installed and was working great until I tried to "fix" my boot menu!

It does recognize the 3.5 floppy, but alas no Windows 7 floppies out there that I can find. And since all I have is an upgrade version, I assume trying to do a clean install is out of the question.

You would think that one little check box (Time to display list of operating systems) wouldn't cause so much trouble.

I was able to make a bootable USB thumb drive, loaded my Win7 upgrade, and of course it didn't work. My computer recognizes it, but then I get bootmanager not present.

I can't believe this has stumped even Microsoft! I guess I'll be looking for a new hard drive soon!
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  1. pop your windows media disk in.
    run the setup then press R for a repair.

    you need to run the dos prompt, in there type this first: fixboot. press enter.
    Next you want to correct the Master boot record of the drive.
    so in the dos command prompt type: fixmbr. press enter.
    restart the pc and all should be well.
  2. Shaun O, Thanks for the suggestions, I can't get any of my media to boot. The upgrade discs I have are not bootable. I tried making a bootable recovery disk with no luck.
    Any other suggestions?
  3. Hi,

    Sometimes you cannot boot your Windows 7 Operating System. One of the main reasons for this could be spyware or malware infection. If your operating system file is corrupted, you may face this problem. Sometimes hardware problems like improperly connected hardware or damaged hard drive may results in Windows 7 booting problem as well.

    Malware or spyware or virus infection can be removed by installing antispyware program/antimalware program/antivirus program. Detect the presence of malicious software in your system through the scanning process. By upgrading your computer system’s RAM, you can reduce the slow booting problem. You can delete unnecessary startup processes by opening ‘System Configuration Utilities’ and selecting the ‘Startup’ tab and ending the program which is not necessary for the Startup process. Before turning on your PC, you need to check the hardware connection and its status. You need to remove damaged hardware as well.

    for more information and help..........



    Hope this helps you.
  4. Make sure your CD/DVD is set to boot first in the bios. If you can get it to boot from your cd/dvd drive then boot from your win 7 disk and run startup and repair. It sounds like the boot files were on the XP partition.

    You could also try to boot from a floppy disk and at the command prompt type c: fixmbr
  5. hi,did you already solve your problem? is your cd/dvd set to boot first in the bios? try to go on Zamunda.net and take spyware doctor,to clean all the malware and spyware things(it doesnt work ,sometimes with nod 32,but it works with avast,for sure,and its amysing),.On the same site you can take this windows7 ultimate,version 6.1build 7600,its great windows
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