Windows Recovery Error after installing H50 cooler.

solved thanks
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  1. I would of thought it was complete logic, you fitted a new cooler then tried your pc and it gave you an error.
    It is likely the cooler is not fitted right on the cpu die, bad contact.
    so i would take it off and do a double check of it to make sure it is sat right, firmly down.

    Also have a check you did not knock your memory sticks and they are seated right in there slots.
  2. cooler is nice and snug. memory passed a check so its good as well. any other ideas?

    Im also getting this so im starting to think that somehow my video card is dead or dying.
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    It is common when playing about with the cooler to inadvertently dislodge the graphics card. Remove the graphics card and refit.
  4. I'll give that a shot.
  5. Nope, did not help. Is it possible that I screwed on the cooler to tight and bent some pins on my cpu socket?
  6. Well CPU is fine it is picked up just fine in bios I am beginning to think that I somehow screwed up my gpu though. I loaded the latest driver 270 for nvidia and it boots to windows but will not pick up the gpu at all. If I reload the 266 drivers after running driver sweeper of course it experiences the windows recovery error. I am thinking I will probably need a new gou now sigh
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