Upgrading RAM..

After getting F.E.A.R. I got hit hard with the fact that I need more ram.

Running at 512mb of ram ddr333, I was planning on getting an extra stick of RAM, probably about 1gb stick with the speed of ddr400 (pc3200) which is the highest my computer can handle.

So I have a few questions (forgive me if they seem dumb, I'm still learning :D).

1st, I've heard that if I replace my 512mb stick with a 1gb stick that I'll get the same performance as if I had both sticks with 1.5gb of ram. Is that true? I really do want the most ram I can have for now. Don't have enough for 2gb :D

2nd, If I did have both in there, would it matter which one was in the first slot? If I stuck the 512 in the 2nd and the 1gig in the first, would I see a difference in speed until it needs the extra 512 stick? Because the 1gig would be faster..

3rd, It doesn't matter much if either stick is a different brand or a different speed does it? They should both work fine together?

4th, I was thinking of upgrading to vista when it comes out, although I may get a new pc before then.., would 1.5gig be enough for vista + new games? I don't plan on running games at 1280x1024 on maximum so yea, should be ok, right?

So 1.5gig would be good right? Or should I just wait a few months for vista and directx10 video cards to come out and save 80-100 dollars and get a new pc in a few months or so? lol
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  1. I can not answer all of you questions, only one and give you a suggestion on another.

    Question 3. If you know that DDR333 and DDR400 are both compatible with your mobo then they wil both run at DDR333.

    Question 4. It will certianly be worth it to upgrade your memory by 1Gb. Then just start saving for a new PC and GPU that you can get next year sometime. Do not get vista until you have made those two purchases, or get all three at the same time.
  2. If you use the 1GB stick and the 512MB stick at the same time, the 1GB stick will run at DDR333. 1.5GB of RAM will not be enough for Windows Vista and the next-gen games, as the OS alone with the Aero interface on will use close to 1GB of RAM. I think you should save a bit more money, and get 2 1GB sticks or DDR400. 2GB Corsair XMS for $138 after rebate
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