Best Linux Distribution?

What's the best Linux distribution in your opinion?

Kurt Hectic
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  1. I think mandrake is pretty good. no problems with installation, detected all my hardware, just can't get a network running on it. latest version out is 7.2
  2. The BEST Linux Distro is like your cup of coffe... It is very hard to be perfect unless you try alot of them. I personally LOVE SuSE. I have tried every distro on the market (well most of them) And can now honestly say SuSE as a Distro in my personal taste can not be beat!

  3. Yeah but give us reasons for liking it.
    I liked Mandrake for its ease of installation and use. It didn't detect my monitor though(bad dog errrr I mean penguin)
    I didn't try any others 'cause I don't have time for that. This is why I posted this message in the first place.

    Kurt Hectic
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  4. For the most part, you won't notice too much of a difference between Linux distro's if you're new to linux. Most of the difference comes in GUI based installation Wizards and the various software bundles.

    However, I'd heard from many people that RedHat tends to be much friendlier, especially to newbies and is often a Business's choice due to its support. Mandrake works well for workstations. Slackware is usually the "hackers" choice because of its customizablility.
  5. SuSE as i said in my personal opinion is the BEST distro.
    My second choice is Mandrake. But why do i like SuSE?
    Simple to install but it also lets you do it the hard way. SuSE is extreemly flexible plus comes with 6 Cd's with about 1600 Appz so you can try almost everything out there for Linux. It comes with almost ALL the window managers and in my system it has autodetected Everything. Plus it rocks stable and Yast as a tool to admin your system is simply the best Os configure tool out there.

    As i said your cup of coffee but i prefer mine dark and rich in flavor.
  6. Youre an Evil bastard for posting this question, and I should know better than to rise to the bait. But here goes.
    For server use RedHat 6.0/2 or E-smith 4.0
    For Desktop, I'd have to say Mandrake 7.1/2

    Other than that.. the best alrounder for me is RH 6.2

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  7. Hey,

    I agree I love mandrake, but something is weird about the networking. I had no problems with networking on Corel, or Redhat, but mandrake proved less than helpful.

    Timothy Stankus
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  8. In my opinion there is no best linux distribution. You have the files in different places only. And of course the init scripts. I personally like the init of RH as it is in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ or something like that … it is more a habit so you will like what you get used to. I am not used to slackware so I don’t use slackware that’s all as for the other parts of the os ... you can change them as you like
  9. My favorite is SuSe. Rop has listed all the reasons and I agree with him, even to his second choice, Mandrake. I've tried Red Hat, Caldera, Mandrake, Corel, Storm as well.
    Suse is the one that first supported all my hardware and gives me no trouble. Everything works under Suse for me. That's the main thing, as well as the speed they support new hardware. I've upgraded from Suse 6.3 to 6.4 then to KDE 2 and Helix Gnome all with no problem.
  10. Well, not really a distribution but...well....just look at my sig!

    OTOH, Debian/GNU is my favorite dist because it has a great package managment system, and is stable. RH/Drake may be easy to install, but as has been said elseware, "they like to live on the bleeding edge, but they leave the bleeding up to you!"



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  11. Any RedHat distribution that isn't major release. RH has good range of tools & nifty management but their 5.0, 6.0 and all *.0 releases contain handfuls of bugs and annoying things.

    Of course after installation I prefer tweaking the system so much there's not really that much original RH system :-)
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    Reason being that Debian is prob the only other good version for stablity. Redhat has bozens of bugs in most release cycles while Slack and Debian have very few.

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  13. Yes Slackware! .. ive used most of the others.. Slackware is King! :)
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