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remote desktop allow users to connect remotely to this computer is unchekmark plz help me the connecte the remote desktop
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  1. first you need to tick the allow users to connect remotely

    next you need to make sure that the users that will be conncecting remotely exist on both computers and are members of the 'remote users' profile in user management.
  2. If connecting through the Internet (instead of LAN) check out:
  3. take r admin 3.4 will help u
  4. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?)

    We have a few XP Pro PC's that act as a method of remote desktopping to
    other servers via VPN across the Internet for support purposes. We also
    access these "RD" machines via remote desktop over the LAN. Whoever connects
    to one of these machines logs on as the same (local) user. These machines
    are limited to a single RDP session that will give an error message if
    somebody is already connected (rather than disconnect them). Therefore, we
    are always aware when somebody is currently accessing one of these machines.

    I would like to expand this further by trying to find a method of knowing
    WHO is connected to these machines (mainly in case somebody has forgot to
    disconnect). I have tried to write a few versions of vbscripts that will
    look at these machines and pull the user name or computer name of who is
    RDP'ing in. I seem to have reached a stage of going around in circles. Can
    anybody offer any advice on a method of getting this information?

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