Are you using Windows 7 (32) or (64)?

I just want to see which people are using, Windows 7 (32) or Windows 7 (64).
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  1. ... windows 7 is dreadful... took it off my laptop because it overheats with all the wasted processes in it... XP!!!
  2. I'm using the 64-bit 7000 build. Not perfect but great for a beta, IMO. Heck, even Creative has working X-Fi drivers for it.
  3. Im running the 64bit of Windows RC1 on both my laptop & desktop its faster than Vista by far and not to far of XP
  4. 64 bit. At this juncture, I see little reason to stick with 32 bit.
  5. I am using 64bit to,I think 64bit will become more dominant then 32bit when Win7 comes out.
  6. 64-bit, there shouldn't even be a 32-bit in my opinion, just beef up the 32-bit emulation in the 64-bit if it's really necessary.
  7. ...There is no Emulation. Nor is it needed. The x64 standard includes everything in the x86 standard, and the Windows API's are the same as well. The 32 bit binaries run in native mode.

    The only thing required is a little registry and path redirection magic, which is handled by WoW64 ("Windows on Windows", not the MMO)

    {edit} Thanks for the rate down. And for whoever that was, please direct your attention to: Please note that 32 bit applications run in native mode, and WOW64 directs the file system and registry access to a set of modified 32 bit equivalents. In short: It Tricks 32 bit apps into believing they're running in 32 bit Windows.

    Emulation is only required on an Itanium (IA64) system, because the binaries won't run. And I sincerely doubt that many Toms' readers/posters run Itanium servers.
  8. Oh so that's what WoW64 did. Thought it was a software layer between the OS and application to make it compatible with a 64-bit environment... who knew.

    Anyway, all Windows 7 needs, in my book, is a built-in passive defragger.
  9. I like win7 64 bit, but rolled back to vista after some horrible vmware snafus.
  10. Wow I've been slipping lately... that sucks... still, can't wait for W7 to come out. Had the beta for a bit and really liked it, it didn't like my 4870X2 at the time though so I went back to Vista.
  11. Yah - Build 7000 doesn't particularly like my 4870x2 either... 3D mode (gaming) with 2 24" monitors = hard locks. Swapping from DVI to HDMI connectors = No Joy. The 9.3 drivers haven't fixed it. Dutifully reported like a good beta tester.

    I've thought of Torrenting one of the new builds, but the rumor mill says next month for the real RC and I have a Technet subscription. I'd rather use "official" bits if I can get them, so I'm going to wait a bit and only use 7 with the one monitor.
  12. 64 here, but in a vmware session. Its decent but I have no software for 7. All the software I use is faster in XP/2000
  13. i used Windows 7 32-Bit for a while, i dont have the hardware for 64 bit lol. 4 year old PC what do you expect lol. but it actually run smoother than Vista. i really loved it.
  14. Winly said:
    i used Windows 7 32-Bit for a while, i dont have the hardware for 64 bit lol. 4 year old PC what do you expect lol. but it actually run smoother than Vista. i really loved it.

    If you're running a P4 chip made after 2004 then you shouldn't have any problems running the 64-bit Windows 7 beta. Everyone who can get the 64-bit one should get it, regardless of whether or not they need the extra RAM headroom. Gets a message out to the bigwigs that it's about damn time we've got a 64-bit OS solution that will actually work, as opposed to one that gets released and lags behind for quite a while in it's early life in terms of driver development (XP-64 and Vista-64 anyone?)
  15. Win7 64 bit.

    As for the person claiming it overheats their laptop? My laptop gets a longer battery life with 7 than with either Vista or XP. That would seem to imply that it is using less power, including the processor. Generally, components using less power produce less heat.

    In other words, you're full of it.
  16. Running Build 7057 64-bit, and i'm loving it. The thing reboots to a usable desktop in sub 60seconds. Run way fewer processes then Vista. Fresh install with nothing installed it booted with 30 processes. Currently under full usage, two mozilla windows, media player, and WoW., and it's running 45 processes. Much better then a fully tweaked Vista 64-bit at 56 processes. Vista non-tweaked can pile up to 70+ processes, it's gross.

    efullenkamp94 said:
    ... windows 7 is dreadful... took it off my laptop because it overheats with all the wasted processes in it... XP!!!

    Wasted processes eh, s'funny my dad's xp machine only runs like 3 less processes then windows 7. To what benefit? To run a old almost unsupported, aging, decrepit OS.
  17. I ran windows 7 64 beta on my phenom 2 X4 940 3.0ghz with 8 gigs of ddr2 1066, 2x radeon 4850s and i gotta tell you. It runs just shy of windows xp performance. all beta drivers and software first generation beta and i got much better performance then on vista.
  18. I am running Window 7 64bit on two computers.

    It is on my new Intel i7 920 desktop.
    Currently running it as a dual boot - both partitions are Windows 7.
    One for work and one for play :)

    Also switched my Dell XPS laptop over to Windows 7.
    It is dual boot with Windows Server 2008 on the other partition.

    Windows 7 works really well and I will stay with it.
    I just decided to renew my MSDN Pro subscription so that it will
    cost me less in the end.
  19. I currnetly dual boot both 32 and 64 and have no problems with either of them. I wish I had more Ram (3Gig) for the 64. Though the Memory Hog we know from Vista, seems to be taken car of. Thus making a efficient OS even with 40+ processes running. I have no complaints and all the builds get better with the small problems that i have come across. And yes it's great to know that your hdd's are all defragged automatically while you sleep. Unless you fell like watching the the passes, you still have that option too. :)

    Reportedly from some friends of mine, 7068 fixed the dual monitor thing. Though I would think the people at Radeon would have posted some Beta drivers for that by now.

    For those that don't have the hardware to run the full Ultimate edition, It is easier now (more than before) to change your settings either automatically or manually. That way you have a better experience with the OS.

    Seems MS may have learned somthing from the early Vista flop. hmm...
  20. wow almost 85%, I didn't think 64bit was the popular.
  21. Fonzy - Gateway is near 100% 64 bit on their PC's. Dell uses 64 bit on all but their cheapest PCs. And HP use 64 bit on anything with more than 3GB of RAM.
  22. The "memory hog" reputation of Vista is a misconception... always has been and from the look of things, always will be. No matter how much truthful information is out there, people still continue to spread FUD. Oh well.

    I guess I'll just have to be one of the few that is happy with the way Vista performs... instead of believing all the hype.
  23. Didn't expect 64 bit to get that great number of votes. I am currently running 32bit, and not in a hurry. I will grab a copy of 64bit when building my next rig which will be a DX11 one. Not yet sure if its going to be PII or i5.
  24. Just got the 64 bit installed on my rig, runs fine, looking forward to recieving my new video card with it though, see how it runs DX10, been waiting YEARS to upgrade from Windows XP
  25. Posting from a freshly installed Windows 7 64-bit RC, woo!
  26. I wonder how many of these posters have run both versions on the same hardware and compared.

    On a recently purchased, somewhat inexpensive system with 2gb of memory used primarily as a media center, the 32 bit Windows 7 is a considerably better performer. Not close really.
  27. I'm running 64-bit RC (Build 7100) and it's terrific. I'll be upgrading to an SSD and reinstalling with the RTM version once the school term is finished.

    harker99 said:
    I wonder how many of these posters have run both versions on the same hardware and compared.
    I had to do a reinstall of my system and I accidentally grabbed the 32-bit disc. I ran my 12GB Core i7 920 system for a week on it before stumbling into the fact that I had less than 4GB of memory available... I didn't do any benchmarking, but I didn't notice any performance differences either.
  28. Just got my full (and legal) Windows 7 64 up and running, dual booted with XP (because that is where all my software is). Installed and works like a charm. Quite impressed.
  29. GO 64 BIT!

    Good Luck - Make it Happen!

  30. Once you have the hard drive space, 64bit is the way to go. There is no benefit of going 32 bit any more.
    Companies were not making 64 bit drivers, but now that is almost the norm.

    64bit all the way.
  31. I will use 64bit but now I don't have W7.
    *Waits for October 22nd calmly...*
    And for my new rig coming on december.
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